Chloe Faye Backpack

While shopping in Francesca’s a few months back I came across a backpack that looked very familiar. I was so excited to find a cheaper alternative to the Chloe Faye backpack and the budget friendly version looks almost identical. I purchased the bag in light grey but I was also drawn to the light pink variation. I […]

Colored Perfection

Bag: Balenciaga (similar style here) *Studs on shirt were a DIY Yesterday I was in NYC, SFO and Mill Valley. Today I was in Mill Valley, San Francisco and finally Palo Alto.  Needless to say, I’m tired. More details to come tomorrow after a long nights rest. 


1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7. One of the things I love about blogging is learning about new websites and companies. One such website, Tidebuy, has a wonderful selection of clothing and jewelry that is fashionable and, most importantly, affordable.  Of my selections above, I’m most interested in the stackable rings and spiky earrings.  […]

It was a Bklyn Kind of Weekend

I absolutely ADORE this shirt. The fringe on the side is pretty awesome. I especially like the pattern on the front. It’s also pretty baggy which I’m a huge fan of.  The collar was like $10.00 from H&M. Bomb purchase (just made up that phrase woot woot). I’d been searching for one, and this design […]


World War 2 novels are my jam, so when a colleague at work recommended I read Unbroken I veered off my reading list and made an exception.  I was not disappointed.  Unbroken chronicles the incredible life of Louis Zamperini during World War 2. His journey is both harrowing and fascinating. While reading the novel, I […]


Sorbet and I have become close friends.  Not surprisingly, a dairy allergy means sorbet, and little else, for dessert. When I first discovered my dairy allergy I ate a lot of raspberry and mango Haagen Dazs sorbet.  That got old very quickly.  It seems though that the world of sorbet is much more sophisticated than […]

Mole, Mole, Mole

Karen Walker sunglasses, Jewelmint necklace, Joie t-shirt, LF skirt, J. Crew vest, House of Harlow necklace, Proenza Schouler bag, Urban Outfitter shoes  Really? You don’t know what this pose is? It’s my “Sexy” pose… duh!  Highlights of my day include:  1)  A great Mexican dinner with a good friend 2) Ice cream cake at work […]

Lip Style

1. Nars, 2. MAC, 3. Nars People love my lipstick. I kid you not – both men and women ask me what colors I wear and what brand they are. I’ve gotten asked about this in Subway the restaurant and on the subway itself. I figured for my first, and most likely only, beauty post […]


Necklace: DIY, Sweatshirt: Hanes, Stole: Vintage, Bag: Chanel, Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Diva Lounge Your eyes are not decieving you, these boots are made by a company named Diva Lounge.  They were $20.00 and the name IS funny to say. These are my priorities. Literally. BTW I met the man version of myself, last night, […]