Yay new lens pictures! LOVE these jeans. Barbs bought them for me as a gift. The bell-bottom flare is freaking amazing. It’s so awesome you can’t even see my shoes! Love it. They’re my favorite jeans I own (hands down). I’ve wanted this shirt for a while and I finally scored it at the J. […]

Sunday 8.4

I am currently posting from our new bedroom, gazing at the Empire State building with a door separating the football noise Sunday. Sunglasses: Madewell, Shirt: Elizabeth and James, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Ferragamo, Bag: Chanel It’s heaven. The new apartment is so beyond anything we had before that I’m speechless. While it was an incredibly stressful […]

Inspiration: Best of 2012

My weekly inspiration is not just a jumble of photos each week, but real inspiration that I use in my blog (and therefore my shopping). I felt nothing was more appropriate than to pay homage to the specific inspiration* that really got me going in 2012.  Here’s to an inspiring 2013.  *Fashionablecollections Posts: What’s Up […]

Greek Islands Taverna

Florida is not the foodie capital of the United States, however, I want to argue that the state is trying.  Case and point, Greek Islands Taverna.  A family friend brought this Fort Lauderdale restaurant to our attention and I’m so glad she did.  The food is incredible.  I often think about the delicious ribs and […]

Lucky Fabb, The Event

Skirt: Thrift Today’s Lucky Fabb event was definitely eye opening. I feel like I learned a lot and will be making some changes to the blog shortly (nothing drastic). First and foremost, I’m going to start writing a little more! I miss the posts where I used to rant and ramble. I figured no one […]