The Future of Flight? All-Electric Passenger Plane Completes First Test Flight

On August 31, 2017, Zunum Aero completed the first test flight of its all-electric passenger plane, the Zunum Aero Electric Airplane (Zunum Aero E2). The successful test flight took place at Paine Field in Everett, Washington and marks an important milestone in the progress toward commercializing all-electric aircraft that can be used to fly passengers […]

Old is New: How You Can Take Inspiration from Retro Designs in Your Own Home

Interior design can be tough sometimes, especially in the modern age where it doesn’t appear that any particular style or era is out of fashion. All decades can be used as inspiration when decorating your home and whilst this is certainly a positive, it can also make narrowing down your choices difficult as well. A […]

Thermal underwear: What is the best thermal underwear you can buy?

Thermal underwear; how properly effective in winter? What is thermal underwear, what is it, and what is it made of? Tips for choosing and wearing it, think about a thing: advantages and disadvantages of these products. Thermal underwear is incredibly useful for those who want to lead an active lifestyle in comfort and without the […]