The Latest on Instagram’s Troubles


Social media app Instagram, one of Facebook’s most important and widely used social platforms, has been having some significant problems recently. The app was down for several hours over the weekend and again on Wednesday, making it inaccessible to all of its 400 million users around the globe. While this appears to be a technical issue at the moment, there could be more to the story as it relates to Instagram’s parent company Facebook.


What Happen With Instagram?

A security breach was reported and since then, the app has been taken offline. This is a big deal considering Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world and it has over 100 million daily users. The company is still investigating how bad the breach was and how many people were affected by it. They’ve already told the public that they are taking some preventative measures to secure their servers.

In a blog post they wrote Our teams worked quickly to address the issue, and we have confirmed that no accounts have been accessed. They are not clear if this is just temporary or if they will be doing any more upgrades to improve their systems. It also remains unclear as to what exactly happened but we know that only celebrities had their personal photos leaked including Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence. Celebrities are found playing real money online pokies as well.


Why did IG remove the chronological order?

Instagram has always been a social media app that focused on the idea of capturing moments and sharing them with friends. The original feed was chronological, showing posts in the order they were posted, which made it easy to see what your friends had posted recently.

However, over time, many people complained that this was starting to get too cluttered. This is because there are so many users and so much content being created all the time.


What would this mean for brands using IG to advertise?

Brands that have invested a lot of time, money, and creativity into their IG presence could see this as a setback. Brands with less of an investment may find it easier to migrate over to the other major social networks. Brand like casino en ligne argent reel promote their page in IG.


How do you use your timeline?

I’ve been trying to use my timeline more, and I find it really helpful. It keeps me engaged with the people that are most important to me, and I can see what they’re up to when I’m not able to interact with them directly.

It sounds like you could use some help figuring out how to get the most out of your own Instagram experience. Here are a few tips for getting started: – Use your profile page and explore!


How would you feel if IG removed chronological order?

I would be very upset if Instagram removed the chronological order of posts. It is one of my favorite features, and it helps me stay in touch with what my friends and family are doing without having to hunt for them in a sea of posts. I love being able to scroll through a feed and see what people have been up to all day, instead of just seeing the highlights.


How can this be fixed?

There are a few potential solutions to this problem. One would be for Facebook to buy out the company and give them some time to work through their issues, but this is unlikely as it would cost Facebook billions of dollars. Another solution might be for Instagram to tweak their algorithm so that it can figure out what posts people want without causing such a stir, although this may lead to it becoming less popular among its core users.