Old is New: How You Can Take Inspiration from Retro Designs in Your Own Home

Retro Designs in Your Own Home

Interior design can be tough sometimes, especially in the modern age where it doesn’t appear that any particular style or era is out of fashion. All decades can be used as inspiration when decorating your home and whilst this is certainly a positive, it can also make narrowing down your choices difficult as well. A lot of people these days seem to be taking inspiration from other decades in order to instil a modern retro aesthetic in their home. If this is something you are considering doing, you might be struggling to strike the balance between old-school chic and outdated décor. If this sounds about right, then no need to worry, this article is going to dive into more detail about the most efficient ways you can take inspiration from retro designs in your home.

Take Inspiration from the Hippies

There is no doubt that one of the most popular styles when you consider the retro styles out there today is the multi-coloured and comfortable nature that surrounds a lot of hippie style. This can translate to your home incredibly well. For instance, multiple colours on the wall by having feature walls or different coloured doorways go a long way.

It can also translate to furniture too. Hippies really prioritised comfort in their living spaces, so you should do the same when picking out furniture for your home, for instance you could get a good foam bean bag. A lot of people are hesitant to purchase one given that some models such as the Lovesac can be quite expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives out there. People often ask whether other brands are Lovesac knock-offs, but the fact is, they’re a solid piece of furniture which doesn’t break the bank as much and can liven up your home.

Try Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Whist we are on the topic of furniture, in order to embody retro, you could also incorporate rattan and wicker furniture into your design. This is an old weaving technique and a style of furniture that really took off in the 70s. The furniture looks great and is also incredibly lightweight, so it’s easy for you to transport. Even though this style does date back a few decades, it is steadily making a comeback into more modern designs. The material is excellent when you want to add texture and depth into your furniture.

Retro Designs in Your Own Home
Retro Designs in Your Own Home

Use Warm Colours

Again, a trend that can be dated back to the 70s is warm colours. Shades such as burnt orange, vivid citrine and mustard yellow are all very effective when it comes to providing your home with a warm and enticing energy. You might not want to paint the entire wall these colours, but using them sporadically can also be very effective, as such, have a look at the different styles some people use to paint their walls and consider whether or not you think this might work for you.