Combidress: features and features of use


Combidress as a type of underwear, products, characteristic features, advantages and disadvantages, rules for their use, peculiarities of choosing dresses by size. Overalls are a type of women’s underwear, which is a coordinated combination of a bustier and panties or pantaloons. In general, this women’s wardrobe resembles a closed swimsuit. Closest “relatives” are bodysuits, bras, and corset tops. But, unlike them, the chamber does not have rigid supporting parts and bones.

Special features of combidress

Combidress is a type of bodysuit. However, these terms are often used interchangeably. It is a type of closed swimsuit with fastening between the legs. The fastening can be in the form of velcro, buttons, or buttons. Unlike a bodysuit, which can have a bodice like a blouse, a turtleneck, or a top, a suit is an undergarment with no sleeves and is usually worn instead of underwear.

You can use it to replace classic underwear: bra, panties, t-shirt. Kombidress is usually made of a stretchy jersey. However, models decorated with curtains or made of expensive, beautiful material can be used instead of a top under jeans, for example.

The dress fits very tightly to the body; it is made of fine materials. It is often done with a seamless technique or with flat stitches. Many patterns are used to sew the product. It ensures a perfect fit of the lines to the body. A high-quality jumpsuit blends with the contours of a woman’s body. It makes them smooth, allowing you to wear them under almost any outfit – from a tight office suit to a light chiffon dress.

Variations of combed clothes

Combidress can look different, which determines its variant. There are the following types of costumes:

  • Sports … It is used for sports. Cotton jersey is used for production. It ensures maximum comfort during exercise. The straps on such a product are thin and do not restrict movement. You can wear such an outfit with sweatpants, shorts, and leggings.
  • Romantic (erotic) … This simple dress is an excellent choice for an intimate date. Its distinctive features are the abundance of lace inserts, decorative elements, and nets. Such products are made of translucent, thin materials. Built-in cups add a sleek fit. It is sexy and original underwear. In such suits, certain body parts are often affected – the back, abdomen, and chest.
  • With a bra … This variety is suitable for every day. Such a combi dress is made of elastic satin materials thin jersey. There can be decorations in the form of embroidery and lace.

In addition, a combi dress can have a different cut to the shape of the panties. They can be regular, tight, high cut on the thigh, and pants with shorts on sale.

Corrective products can be in winter and summer. The former is made of dense knitwear and can act as thermal underwear. The latter are usually sewn from silk or satin.

If you buy a suit as underwear, keep an eye out for feminine models with a lovely statement bustier – push-up or balconette. A strapless skirt is suitable for dresses with a plunging neck. And for close date, you should give products that are minimal seams and material.

Symptoms of underwear correction

A particular category of combidress is medical. Otherwise, they are called correction devices. They are designed to tighten the figure, correct its imperfections, remove side folds, and hide volume. The slimming composition will visually reduce the waistline and make the chest look lifted.

Usually, shapewear is chosen by ladies with curvy shapes. It is ideal for women who want to hide stomach folds and ears on the outer thighs. As a rule, such products do not end at the hip line but flow smoothly into the trousers. The latter fitted tightly to the hips and legs.

In the correction, there are particular areas with increased tissue density. These are areas of the abdomen, thighs, and back. Modern slimming equipment can hide image defects and improve them by losing weight.

So many companies produce products with compressed tourmaline inserts, which maintain muscle tone, and accelerate natural metabolism. The threads are woven uniquely in the form of honeycombs. It promotes massage of the skin, blood flow to problem areas, and the burning of extra feet centimeters. Such garments are often equipped with wide straps for ease of use.

In addition, many dresses with a body shaping effect are made of materials with special impregnation. These substances, encapsulated in tissue fibers, contribute to the breakdown of fat and the drainage of lymph nodes. They help smooth skin relief and reduce the “orange peel” effect.

Such products also support the spine and muscles and help to keep the back straight, and the posture gradually becomes “royal.” To achieve a positive effect from wearing dresses, wear them daily for about 10 hours.

Many manufacturers offer to buy dresses with a slim and body shaping effect. Such women’s stores have proven themselves well.

Advantages of combidress

Combidress is a particular part of the wardrobe. Some women find it more comfortable to wear than traditional underwear. And someone, on the contrary, is hindered by the fusion design.

In general, combidress has the following advantages:

  • Invisible under clothes.
  • Flat seams and fine fabric wrap softly around the body for a comfortable feel.
  • Comfortable as a t-shirt or top, the bottom edge is securely tucked under the belt of trousers or skirts.
  • No wrinkles, easy to wash, easy to clean.
  • Comfortable handling of natural needs thanks to the closure of the groin.
  • The combed bra pulls the chest up and gives a push-up effect.
  • Can correct the image and hide its defects.

As for the last point, this applies more to swelling corrections. Among other things, they contribute to weight loss due to the capsules of the substances in the product’s material.

Disadvantages of Combidress

  • We are talking about weight products; they have the peculiarity of squeezing the skin.
  • For some overweight women, a cut in the thigh area causes certain discomfort, which can rub the delicate skin of the groin area.
  • A jacket with extra-long shorts may not match every outfit.

If the dress is made of high quality and according to the size, it will not cause discomfort when wearing.


How to choose the size of the coat

If it is difficult to try on underwear (this is often the case when you buy things in online stores), you should focus on the size of the bra and height. However, the last aspect is not so important since almost all dresses have several lines of fasteners between the legs and adjustable straps. It allows you to “customize” the product to virtually any height.

Before choosing the size of the dress, it is worth first measuring the volume of the hips in prominent places. This information is enough to choose the right product.

A factor such as waist circumference is essential when choosing underwear only if the figure has an “apple” shape. When choosing corrective feeding, in this case, it should be borne in mind that there is simultaneous tension on the abdomen and back.

Generally, coveralls have a standard leg circumference that matches the size frame. However, some manufacturers offer a unique line of oversized panties designed for “A” figures. Such products have a wider lower part, which makes it possible not to pinch the legs.

Pay attention to a slight nuance when choosing clothes: the breast looks more proportional and sexy if the distance between its centers is equal to the length of the occiput. Thus an equilateral triangle “fades.”

How to wear a jumpsuit correctly.

Many ladies wonder how to wear a suit – with panties, pantyhose, or without. It is worth noting that panties, even the smallest ones, will stand out with the product’s material. It does not look aesthetically pleasing. It is also unacceptable to wear pantyhose under jeans without underwear – it is unhealthy. It is not necessary to use the comb on the naked body.

The best option, in this case, is a daily pad, which is placed on the groin area of ​​the coat. It will keep you fresh throughout the day. If you are wearing tights under the garment, place the adapter directly on top. It is best if they have a wide diameter.

If you wear thin underwear, you should take it off from time to time so that the skin rests and blood circulation is restored. You should not wear such coverings for more than 10 hours.


Suits are comfortable and sexy underwear that you can wear for any occasion. There are many types of these products; every lady can choose the right one. The price of the combined outfit also has a wide range. Well-known underwear brands offer both cheap sports models and luxurious erotic lace lingerie.