The first meeting: How to behave?

The first meeting

The first meeting; how to behave? What is better to wear to please a guy, where to go, and what to talk about to impress? The first meeting was a close acquaintance of people who liked each other. A critical and essential moment, the role of which is difficult to overestimate. Then, a person’s first instincts are formed, and personal feelings are identified. Further development of the relationship will depend on how the first meeting is held.

How to dress for your first date

Appearance at the first meeting is a critical success factor. Initially, the clothes, the hairstyle, and, for the girl, the make-up attract attention. That’s why it’s essential to prepare in advance and look flawless. First, it is worth noting that it is better not to give an over-the-top outfit but clothes that are comfortable to wear. It is also essential to focus on your own merits.

Clothing for a girl

The first meeting with a boy is crucial for any girl. If she has beautiful breasts, you can emphasize it a little; the main thing is that it does not look rude. Ladies with a graceful waist should not hide it under voluminous sweaters; emphasize your silhouette with a beautiful tight dress or belt.

Remember that clothing attracts attention but does not distract the person. Otherwise, the interviewer will focus on the neck, for example, and not the topic of the conversation. Clothes must be age appropriate. It is the only way to look as good as possible. Agree that a woman in her thirties does not look beautiful in a short miniskirt and a young girl in a librarian outfit. Men love the most beautiful laconic dresses that emphasize the beauty of the female figure. A win-win option is a classic black dress. Its length and decorative elements depend directly on the type of girl and its advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to wear a bright dress, it better covers your knees. In addition, the length of “midi” today is at the peak of its popularity. Remember, guys, love almost anything that sets a woman apart. These are swimsuits, skirts, high heels, and jewelry.

Should not wear some clothes on the first date. After all, she annoys most men at first sight. These are denim jeans, oversized sweaters, t-shirts, and ugg boots. As for shoes, it is better to prefer graceful pumps with heels, as they will be comfortable. In the summer, you can wear beautiful shoes with a stable square heel, and in the cold season – high boots.

Boyfriend clothes

For men, the best option is simple jeans or trousers and a laconic shirt. Much depends on where the meeting is scheduled. For active kids, it’s okay to wear jeans with a light t-shirt. For thin – sweater or shirt with pants.

Clothes should show nature as much as possible and indicate your preferences. Furthermore, the days when clothes were limited to a minimal selection are long gone. It is not recommended to wear, for example, clothes to rap girls if you are not sure that the girl will appreciate it. Of course, you must also discard sneakers if the meeting is held in the theater. However, it is fair to say that men are often forgiven when choosing a wardrobe.

Colors on the first day

The color of the equipment itself is essential because it affects human psychology and perception. As for men, they have a minor problem in this matter. But with the fair sex, the situation is quite different.

Most girls think that wearing a bright red dress will surely make them look like a man, but in reality, this is not always the case. The red palette attracts attention, but it may not cause the best reaction in a person. It is believed that this is not only the color of sexuality but also aggression, which not everyone likes.

For the first meeting, choosing neutral and pastel shades is better. It can be beige, white, gray, pale pink, or pale yellow. Experts also recommend paying attention to the color green and all its shades. Blue and teal are good choices.

With the help of shadows, you can perfectly highlight your dignity and focus on your eyes or hair. When choosing an outfit for the first meeting, evaluate which color suits you.

 It is worth paying attention to the meaning of the colors:

  • Green … The color of cheerfulness, energy, and positivity. It is only done to have a positive effect.
  • Orange … One of the brightest shades associated with unforgettable feelings, summer, and sun.
  • Pink … The color of tenderness, romance, and flirtation, which in itself adapts to the desired mood.
  • Gray and brown … represent a loss of energy and rigidity, so this is not the best choice.
  • Yellow … Sunny and cheerful. But sometimes, an outfit in such a palette can look childish, windy, and careless.

Where to go on the first meeting

Where the first meeting takes place is extremely important. Therefore, one must take the choice of location particularly seriously.

First, you should exclude all noisy and crowded places. Otherwise, it will simply not be possible to talk to the interviewer. It is better to postpone the trip to the cinema until the next meetings. This rule also applies to clubs. It should give a quiet, cozy cafe with delicious desserts and a variety of teas. A warm atmosphere will only add positive notes to the conversation and make the pastime even more delightful.

If financial possibilities allow, you can eat in the restaurant. The main thing is not to try to seem better than you and not spend the last money on a trip to an expensive institution. In summer, you can go on a spontaneous picnic and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Characteristics of behavior during the first meeting

The overall picture depends on many factors, but the behavior is critical. That’s why it’s essential to relax and not get nervous. Worried, one can make small mistakes that can ruin the experience. For example, some people start chattering, stumble or unknowingly hit the table.

A nervous experience can be transmitted to the interlocutor, which does not affect the conversation in the best way. It would help if you were yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions and show subtle interest. Long pauses and silences will crush and spoil the overall atmosphere. It will not work well in the first meeting.

A universal tool for attracting attention and remembering is a smile. The main thing is that she is sincere. A positive person almost immediately creates a good attitude and advises himself. In addition, when the interviewer smiles, he becomes much more beautiful and kind. Before the first meeting, observing the measure and finding the “golden mean” for yourself is essential. You don’t have to go out of your way to please. Try to change your natural behavior to imitate someone. It will be tough to consider the personality and to understand whether this person is suitable. After all, he can also look like someone else.

When the interviewer tries to improve his features, it is always very striking and affects the overall picture.

What to talk about in the first meeting

Topics will also leave a mark, win or repel. The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to talk only about yourself. Lengthy stories about achievements about personal qualities can show indifference and selfishness and turn the interviewers away. They also look like bragging rights. To understand how to behave during the first meeting, it is recommended to imagine yourself in the place of the interviewer. Questions about him, maintaining the conversation, and trying to find common interests, sincere interest in the answers are ideal for close acquaintances.

The right topic for communication:

  • School, university, work … The topics are simple and do not require in-depth, intimate information. But it should not look like an interview or a test. It is better not to ask intrusive questions that will help you get to know the person. In addition, it is easier on such topics to insert jokes about the past, tell funny moments, and reduce tension from the first meeting.
  • Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies … You can ask about tastes, what you love, what the interviewee reads, and what movies and TV shows he watches. It is worth giving preference to subjects unrelated to personal life, work, or family. After all, this is the first meeting, not the communication of close people.
  • Impressions, emotions, feelings … These topics will be suitable for couples jointly participating in any event. For example, we went to a concert or a city break.

In a light conversation, you can make a lot of money, even what the interlocutor himself did not intend to say. Short phrases, examples from life, and even facial expressions will tell about a person, help to understand him and consider the essence and attitude towards his own life.

Prohibited topics during the first meeting

Whether known people have already met or are seeing each other for the first time, psychologists recommend avoiding specific topics. In addition, you should not pressure the interlocutor, forcing him to tell what he is actively silent about. Too frank conversations can reduce all communication to “no” and create the wrong attitude (for example, a too dissolved, liberated, and unstable person).

5 main mistakes regularly spoil the first meeting:

  • Past failed relationships … You shouldn’t talk about it at all. You also don’t have to ask the other person about the negative experience. Such topics can bring back bad memories and leave an unpleasant feeling after the conversation. They will ruin the mood for the rest of the evening. In addition, constant talk about past love can be misunderstood.
  • Experiences, scandals, troubles … Even if it was a tough day, a whole week, or a dispute with someone close to you or at work, you should not talk about it. The first session should be light and limited in memory. You should at least forget about all the bad things and relax for a while.
  • Joint, severe plans for the future … At the first meeting, it is not appropriate to talk about marriage and children. The word “future” can be scary, especially if the session lasts a few hours. Remember that everything has its time.
  • A successful career … Even if you want to present yourself in the best light, you shouldn’t talk about your achievements at work. Of course, this is a great advantage, but not everyone can boast of this. It is better to skip this topic altogether at the first meeting, primarily if it is not known who the interviewer works and what position he holds. But even if co-workers sit nearby, such stories can be seen as simple bragging.
  • Personal information … Usually, girls can sin like this, slightly exceeding alcohol. It is taboo to discuss your ex’s “relationship,” to say where, when, and how you met him!

We should also avoid politics and religion in light of recent world events. The interviewer may have, for example, opposite views on the situation in the country. Therefore, instead of a great pastime, the couple will find out the situation, which in reality, none of them can influence. Disputes are almost inevitable. And you should not count on continuing the relationship that has just begun.

The first meeting
The first meeting

Decoding cues in the first session

Not only words but also gestures matter a lot. Non-verbal communication can say a lot; the main thing is interpreting the “message” correctly.

Do not forget that the eyes are the soul’s mirror; facial expressions can say a lot in the first meeting. A genuinely motivated and enthusiastic person always has eyes that shine. Moreover, this opinion cannot be confused with another. If a person stares intently for more than five seconds, they likely want to show that they like the interviewer. Running glances, on the contrary, will indicate that the partner is bored; he wants to finish the meeting faster.

Even the interviewer’s smile will tell you a lot. If only one corner of the mouth opens, the person is most likely just looking for something else. A smile that resembles a grin speaks of sincerity. He is nervous if a man bites his lip or touches something small between his fingers. Try to show by your behavior that there is no reason to worry. If the interviewer bends down in every possible way, this indicates his positive attitude. The first meeting with a girl allows light touches on the guy, hugging the waist, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

Common first meeting mistakes

For the first meeting to be successful, it is essential to remember and avoid the most common mistakes. Men should not forget to show boldness and the rules of good behavior: open the door and let the girl continue, shake hands if necessary and be polite. Girls are encouraged to say “thank you” and follow etiquette. Many may call it a formality, but you get a ride from such small things.

Many people get nervous when they first meet, which leads to another mistake – inappropriate laughter. It can spoil not only the impression but also offend the person. Therefore, you need to calm down and relax as much as possible. As for the girls, in a conversation, you should not boil everything down to dresses, relaxation in the sea, and manicures. As experience shows, this will only scare you away and show the interviewer’s low intelligence.

It would help if you did not use harsh words under any circumstances. Such behavior is unacceptable for a well-mannered person. When communicating, you should not be distracted by planting on social networks and talking on the phone. This problem is very relevant to today’s youth. Such behavior can offend a person; it shows that the interlocutor is empty for him. Better to turn off your phone and Wi-Fi altogether. After a few hours, nothing terrible will happen, and the couple can get to know each other better. Speed ​​talking is a common mistake. Do not rush; speak clearly and clearly so that the interviewer enjoys the conversation and does not tire himself of trying to understand what it is about. Express your thoughts as appropriately and accurately as possible. Agree that clumsy sentences “hurt the ear.” Stress correctly and follow the flow of speech.


So we can safely say that the first meeting affects people’s future interactions. For this reason, you need to prepare for it and think about everything: from the outfit to where the date will take place. But suppose a small mistake is quickly forgotten. In that case, sincerity, density, and carriage of personal problems push a person away forever and close the door to new meetings.