Winter wedding: Ideas and entertainment

Winter wedding

Winter wedding will be a lot of fun; you just need to dress well. The master class and 67 pictures will help to sew the bride’s wedding dress, make a bouquet, decorate the hall, pamper and entertain guests.

A winter wedding is suitable for those who don’t want to wait until summer, don’t like the heat, or want to celebrate when pure white snow is everywhere. But it is essential to provide clothes for the bride and groom so that the outfit looks beautiful and the young people are warm in them on the street.

Wraps for the bride for a winter wedding

The cape can be the same color if the bride wears a classic white dress. If the young woman does not want to hide her thin waist, let her wear a bolero coat. It is better to sew this new item from the fur to make it warmer. You can make the main product from fabric with a small pile and trim the cape and the bottom of the sleeves with white fur with a large bank.

How to dress for the groom this winter?

The loved one must also be sufficiently isolated. But unlike the bride, the groom will have clothes that are not as cold as a dress. Therefore, he can be advised to wear a sheepskin coat or coat, which will enhance the image of the spouse. Let him attach a boutonniere made in winter style to the lapel of his jacket, and the picture will be complete.

To enhance the bride’s image, you also need to take care of the bouquet for her. Since this is a winter wedding, the floral arrangements should keep with this time of year.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride and clothes for the groom in the style of “Scarlet Sails.”

Bridal bouquet for a winter wedding, groom’s boutonniere –

The bride’s scent does not need to be done in light colors. Since this is a winter wedding, the surrounding nature will be dominated by whiteness. Therefore, you can make a bright accent on the bouquet, such as red.

These can be the following cold-resistant flowers:

  • Gerberas;
  • Chrysanthemums;
  • Roses;
  • Cloves;
  • Peonies;
  • Snowdrops;
  • Tulips;
  • Hydrangea;
  • Cotton;
  • Eustoma.

Sometimes the bride’s winter wreaths include cones, cinnamon sticks, and even Christmas tree ornaments.

Needles and cones will perfectly complement the bouquet. It is possible to diversify with other colors, including cotton.

Especially original brides can make a bouquet of cones with their own hands. A small light or silvery color complements it.

If you want bright notes, you can add red gerberas or other flowers of the same or a different color to the composition.

Use cinnamon sticks to make your bouquet look beautiful and smell delicious. They are tied and thus attached to the overall composition. There can be blooming white roses, cotton of the same color, cones, and cinnamon sticks.

Since winter is inherently associated with the New Year, you can create a bouquet of Christmas tree decorations. These will be shiny balls of different sizes. Attach them to the base, complete with sprigs and satin bows.

When you make a winter bridal bouquet, you can also decorate it with gold and silver accessories. Attach snowflakes, curls, and balls of this color here.

Knitted wreaths and wreaths made of fabrics also look attractive. For the latter, you can use burlap. Add it to paper flowers.

Another great idea for a winter wedding is to sew flowers directly onto the bride’s muff. Then the girl will not have to hold the bouquet in her hands all the time, and the warmth will warm them. The bride’s position will be respected in this case, as the flowers are next to her.

If you want summer warmth in winter, then have berries in your bridal bouquet. These can be heaps of rows, which keep their original appearance well for a long time. Such berries look lovely, surrounded by white cotton and scarlet roses.

If you want to ensure that the flowers in the bouquet do not wither, we recommend making them from polymer clay. Such a bouquet is durable. After the festival, you can save it for a long time as a souvenir.

If you want to make a bouquet of fruits, include apples, and pomegranates, which also look lovely. Then you must string them on wooden skewers, sticking them into a particular flowery, circular shape. You can also use oranges and tangerines.

Now watch the championship so that the winter wedding feels like clockwork. You can learn how to make a bridal bouquet in advance so you can collect it the day before. You can make not one but two wreaths for a safety net. With this, you can create a pair of the same or different pieces.

How to make a bridal bouquet from cotton?


  • Bamboo pole;
  • Lace bands;
  • Burlap or a strip of similar material;
  • Rope;
  • Glue;
  • 13 white roses;
  • A small bundle of lavender;
  • Scab bowl with three fruits;
  • Branch of cotton;
  • A unit of blue spruce;
  • 3 attachments

Divide the cotton into inflorescence; remove the thorny calyx around the soft villi with a bamboo stick.

The bouquet is assembled using a spiral technique. First, take the roses and place a lavender sprig between them. Place scabiosa and fir branches outside.

To create a bouquet for a winter wedding, add roses, alternate them with cotton, and brown flowers, tie a cotton bouquet with rope, then wrap it with yarn and secure it with a lace ribbon.

Cut the ends of the plants so that they flush. Here’s how to create a bouquet for your winter wedding. You can also attach shiny brooches to the flower ball. You can complement such a bouquet with flowers made of white materials.

Such creation will not freeze. The only downside is that this bouquet is quite heavy. That’s why you shouldn’t throw it away for the bridesmaids. It’s better to use lots of students with real flowers for that.

See what bridal bouquets you can make and ring pillows to boot. Such accessories for a winter wedding are perfect. These flowers will not freeze, weaken or crumble. But you only need to make this bouquet in advance, as it usually takes a lot of time to make it.

Take half a sphere; its diameter is 17 cm. You cut this desert in half with a sharp knife. You’ll also need a tube with parchment paper wrapped around it.

Cut half of this pipe. Make a hole in the bottom of the steering foam ball, so you can insert the tube here and glue it with a shotgun. Wrap this creation in white satin ribbons.

To make a winter bouquet more, you need to knit such charming roses. Do this with a crochet hook and matching yarn.

DIY winter wedding decorations – ideas, decor options

Arches are now an essential feature of weddings. If you decide to perform outdoor registration in nature, you will see how you can organize a wedding arch.

For this, you need to make a frame from solid and thin sticks. Make it in the form of the letter P. Then decorate the frame with conifers and cones. You can also add flowers here, including cotton.

If you want to celebrate a wedding in the country and you have such a venue, then put the bow on edge. When planning a wedding in a restaurant, you can also make a bow here in the open area. For this, sticks are also taken. They need to be securely attached to the form created. Then attach flowers to the bow. You can make a path to this structure out of carpet or fabric. Sprinkle many roses, and decorate the gallery with candles in glass containers.

The winter wedding takes place not only during the day but also at night, so provide backlighting. Attach a lantern to a wedding arch. This place will also be an excellent place for a photo area.

 How you can organize a table.

Place a candle here. As white dominates in winter, red candles are appropriate to add light. In flowers of the same color, put flowers green and branches of conifers.

Also, when you are having your winter wedding, place candles in various candle holders on the tables. See what they can be.

When planning a scenario for an event called a winter wedding, you can insert footage from the movie Chronicles of Narnia here. Then let the door become the entrance to the closet; here, you will hang some furs. When visitors want to go for a walk, they can wear them to keep warm in this way.

Great if you can celebrate your winter wedding in a barn-like room with a high wooden ceiling. These are now all the rage. Place chairs here, and invite a harpist to play at the wedding ceremony.

You can rent a restaurant that looks like a village house. Near the walls of this, you will get many photographs as a memory. Place a table here, decorate it with different dishes and sweets, and you can start photographing a couple in love.

Honey and jam jars will also be suitable for the table. Then, after the celebration, you can present them to your guests.

Also, decorate such tables with cones and floral sisal cones.

Young people can sit at a particular table. If there is no such thing, it can be done with your hands in literally an hour. To do this, you need to saw off 4 stable branches and connect them in pairs at the bottom with pieces of sticks. At the top, also click these table legs. Then knock the table top off the boards and attach it here.

And from driftwood, you can easily make candlesticks on which you put candles. You can arrange a photo area in this cozy corner and take pictures of the newlyweds.

Use cones to decorate your winter wedding. Can put them in such a simple wooden box and cotton blossoms here. If you photograph such accessories, you can set the newlywed rings here. Another exciting idea is to use such props as pillows for the rings.

If you want a bright celebration:

  1. Place the bow next to the newlyweds’ table.
  2. Decorate it with lights.
  3. Place colorful flowers and candles on the tables.

Such an area will also be an excellent place for photography.

Use envelopes and sequined cards when thinking about which winter wedding invitations to send out. After all, at this time of the year, there is brilliant snow outside the window, and the lights everywhere shine brightly too.

Use a stencil. Also, use sparkling colors and other tones for your wedding cards.

And suppose it is possible to deliver the invitation in person. In that case, you can do it as delivered such messages in ancient times. Put a feather on a shiny disc, and put an invitation like this on top. The recipient will undoubtedly be delighted with such a sign of attention.

Winter wedding
Winter wedding

Wedding party this winter

Since it is pretty cool this year, Samovars will be very suitable. Then guests can drink hot tea at any time and warm up. Such features will also perfectly decorate a table.

Combine old traditions with modernity when you set up a candy bar, not only sweets here but also citrus fruits. Cut the oranges in half so that the smell is everywhere.

It is also encased in lush meringue that looks like snowflakes. Put marshmallows, tiny cakes, and other sweets.

The cake can be pretty straightforward. Decorate it with white cream as a winter wedding: place cones, pine needles, rowan berries, or lingonberries on top. You can also decorate the upper part of the second tier with berries. Put this cake on a wood carving to see how many folk traditions are valued.

When making a candy bar for a wedding, you can decorate it with tablecloths. And hang fabric or paper snowflakes on the wall, which you can decorate with glitter.

If you are planning a rustic wedding, you can make pancake cakes. They look pretty straightforward, but they are delicious.

Can photograph the bride with one of these.

The dough is decorated with blackberries. You can’t get the balance right when you coat the cakes with cream. Let it slide carelessly. Can replace this cream with berry cream. If the bride has time, let her bake some mini cakes herself. Then the guests will make sure that she is a wonderful hostess.

Friends can help her too. Then you don’t have to make your baked goods. Buy ready-made buns, and decorate them shortly before the wedding with cream in a spray bottle. It remains to put berries here, and you can carry this candy.

To make the cake enough for all the guests, bake it this big. To do this, you need to make several cakes, spread them with whipped sour cream or buttercream, and decorate them with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

It is how you can decorate a winter wedding cake otherwise. You use candied tangerines, sugar cherries, and cinnamon sticks. Also, put a fir tree here, showing seasonal events.

Include mulled wine to keep your guests warm when creating your winter wedding favors. Place this drink in a metal container that must cover with a lid. Then it will be hot for a long time, and every guest can come here and pour himself a cup of perfumed clear wine.

But in addition, the tables should be traditional for this champagne bottle event. See how you can decorate them.

Attach the bottles with a crochet hook and white thread. Then you will have a prototype of the bride. See, such a fluffy dress will be because of camels. Decorate the base with string roses, just like the newlywed champagne flutes. You will also make these ornaments from threads and tie the glasses with ribbons, decorating them with imitation pearls. And for the groom, an impression of a black tailcoat with a white shirt, a black bow tie, a bow tie, and a hat.

If you can handle such needlework, make knitted accessories in advance when thinking about how to arrange a winter wedding. Put napkins and tied containers on the tables. And you can connect cloth napkins with cloth strips with pom-poms attached here. Such accessories can be on invitation cards and plates near each guest’s device.

Think about what the light will be. You can do it in such shades of blue; it will be a fun, mesmerizing action at the wedding party. Decorate the table with painted branches and beads. When light falls on them, they will also begin to flash mysteriously.

If you prefer red tones, place plates with pomegranates of this color on the tables. Decorate the napkins with rowan berries; some plates will be white, others red. Candles and drinks of the same color are on the tables.

Then you can also decorate your wedding invitations in these colors. Print postcards with drawings of red-headed cattle and rhododendrons.

Or decorate your winter wedding invitations with white paper snowflakes. Then you need to decorate them with lace.

Good meals are prepared for the winter wedding. To avoid freezing, they usually eat more at this time than in the summer. Serve stuffed pig, boiled pork, other meat dishes, and side dishes. But also fruits and vegetables should be in large quantities on tables. Decorate them beautifully. You can make lilies from tomatoes, cut orange slices into circles, and partially remove the peel. Pickles and pickled cabbage will also be an excellent addition to this feast.

To make it not only pleasant but also fun, see what games can be included in the wedding scene.

Fun at a winter wedding

It is what you can call games and contests that you offer to visitors.

The winter wedding promises to be fun. Include in the celebration the arrival of the groom, bride, and witnesses in a carriage drawn by three gallant horses.

You can offer guests a variety of entertainment. Organize lap dances for the older generation. Youngsters will enjoy ice skating and playing snowball.

You can organize a free competition and mold a snowwoman. Whoever does it faster will win.

Don’t forget to present an audience award for the most adorable snowwoman.

It is possible to plan the construction of a fort from snow. But prepare everything you need to have this action’s features.

You can take ice cream cakes, modern cheesecakes, sledding, and ride a slide. If there are no such properties, even cardboard will do. Such fun entertainment will cheer up the guests and the bride and groom. You just need to dress warmly.

If you want, plan a winter wedding in fairytale style. It can be “Snow Maiden”, “12 months”, “Nutcracker”, “Snow Queen”. Then you must make the costumes in advance with your hands and distribute them to the guests.

As you can see, the winter wedding will be no less exciting and fun than other times of the year. Therefore, if you decide to celebrate in winter, you will not go wrong. And to further strengthen your desire for such a celebration, watch the clip of the bride and groom who decided to postpone the wedding at this time of the year.


In the second storyline, a fun scene awaits you. Laugh with the audience of this program. Of course, you do not need to invite such a photographer to a wedding, or you should not succumb to his convictions in search of a spectacular photograph.