Sneakers – Especially the combination with clothes


Sneakers; is it stylish and comfortable? Find out what to wear with men’s and women’s sneakers and the peculiarities of combining this shoe type with different clothing styles. Today, one of the fashion elements in the modern wardrobe of young people. But few people know how to wear them correctly and what clothes can be combined so that the image created is stylish and not ridiculous.

It is a versatile shoe found in both women’s and men’s wardrobes. Sneakers allow you to create many different and exciting looks – modern, bright, elegant, sporty, feminine, and informal.

Sneakers: what are these shoes?

For the first time, the famous French fashion designer Isabelle Maran presented in the collection models wearing unusual and very interesting sneakers with heels. And very quickly, sneakers became a world-famous and beloved shoe model. We can say that this is an intermediate shoe between a sneaker.

The main characteristics of women’s sneakers are a high wedge heel, solid upper, and a flat sole. An integral part of each model is velcro or laces, which give the shoes additional style and charm.

Sneakers are an integral part of streetwear but are sporty. This shoe is practical and comfortable, ideal for women and the more vigorous sex. Of course, in this case, women have a more significant advantage.

Shoes that combine feminine, elegant, comfortable, and sporty styles at the same time are trendy among the fairer sex. Combining sneakers with different clothes, from shorts to dresses, is easy.

Thanks to their comfort and convenience, today are considered one of the main features of the casual fashion style, characterized by the practicality of daily wear. The main fan of sneakers is the teenager because young women in fashion are not afraid to experiment with clothes.

Today, they are characterized by great variety and versatility, making them perfect for everyday use and long walks.

World brands produce various types of sneakers, use interesting materials, textures, and accessories and experiment with colors. You can find models of sports shoes that differ not only in color and style but also in the thickness of the sole. The most popular is in red, black, and white. Global brands also produce sports shoes in numerous shades and exciting color combinations.

Different materials are used to manufacture sneakers – for example, natural leather, suede, fabric, or synthetic leather. Today there are summer types, demi-seasons that don’t get wet and warm winters. Sneakers vary in sole thickness – athletic shoes can be platform or wedge heeled.

Wedge sneakers: what to wear

  • This model is feminine and elegant, making the girl feel comfortable and confident.
  • Models that combine a beautiful heel and the desired comfort are top-rated. Even if you have to be on your feet all day, the feeling of fatigue, discomfort, and heaviness in your legs will not bother you at night.
  • Wedge sneakers are best combined with different clothes, but visually the portion seems slimmer and more prolonged.
  • It is the best solution for everyday wear, and bright and original models will be a godsend for the young.

Platform shoes: what to wear

  • It is a versatile semi-athletic shoe that creates a “flying gait” effect.
  • This model of sneakers is most often used to create a sporty or casual style.
  • They are perfectly combined with various elements of clothing – for example, skirts, trousers, and leggings.
  • Young people prefer colored models of sneakers on the platform for a fashionable and bright look.

Advantages and disadvantages of sneakers

The sneakers are very comfortable and functional – they fit comfortably on foot and provide a balance of graceful walking and freedom. The main thing is to choose the correct shoe size so that while wearing it, it will not bother you with discomfort or discomfort.

Modern sneaker models are beautiful, original, and bright. Shoes help emphasize style, show your personality, and put the right accents in the image. Today, the best shoe designers present a wide range of stylish sports shoes.

These sneakers are comfortable and convenient, allowing you to live an active lifestyle while not being tired, even if you have to spend a whole day on your feet.

Careful and correct use of sneakers will ensure a longer life, but the wear process will not show signs of deformation. To do this, you must choose shoes made only of high-quality materials.

You can find many of the most diverse types of sneakers on the shelves of shoe stores. Depending on the brand, quality of tailoring, materials used, and other parameters, the cost of shoes is also determined.

The disadvantage of platform sports shoes is the non-optical structure of the soles. If you wear sneakers for too long, this can hurt the condition and function of the musculoskeletal system. The fact is that with a flat sole, there will be an uneven spinal stress distribution.

Therefore, when choosing sneakers, you need to pay special attention to models with a hidden wedge heel, which raises the heel by several centimeters. Such sneakers allow you to distribute the musculoskeletal system’s load properly.

Features when choosing sneakers

When choosing sneakers, you must select the right size and wear new shoes for at least a few minutes. If the feet are comfortable and comfortable, they do not press or push anything; the steps seem easy – this model and size are ideal, and you can buy them.

If constraint and discomfort occur, it is worth looking for another model. When choosing summer sneakers, it is better to choose products made of natural and light materials. Thanks to this, while walking, the skin on the legs “breathes,” and freshness appears, preventing unpleasant odors and sweat from appearing.

Models of sneakers made of high-quality and natural materials will last much longer. When buying winter sneakers, you should pay special attention to the quality of the insulation, as it depends on whether your feet will freeze in cold weather or not.

What to wear with women’s sneakers?

It is necessary to follow only one rule when combining clothes with bulky shoes, which are sneakers – to maintain a tapered bottom and voluminous top. This balance stretches the silhouette and distracts from chunky shoes. Designers also advise not to mix too many colors in one look. The best option would be to use two or three shades.

With dresses and skirts

Elegant sneakers perfectly match the dress and skirt. However, the combination of this model of sports shoes will not look attractive and exciting with midi and a mini skirt.

Straight short skirts and elastic skirts can visually make the legs more straightforward, so designers offer a more exciting option – short dresses with an asymmetrical hem.

Women’s on a classic wedge and an airy chiffon dress will be a stylish and successful combination. When creating a variety of sneakers and clothes, you must correctly put color accents on the image. For example, if you use bright shoes of rich color, the skirt should be in soothing tones or vice versa.

Sneakers worn with a dress or skirt must look neat; no noticeable defects can appear due to prolonged wear. In this combination, they begin to attract more attention and are the film’s primary focus.

One of today’s fashion trends is the stylistic opposite of things. You can combine a light dress with a leather jacket and massive shoes. To create a romantic street style, it is better to choose layered clothes – a T-shirt, short skirt, or sweater. Of course, sneakers will be the main focus of any look.

With shorts, pants, leggings

He considers sports shoes and trousers to be classic. However, in this case, not all types of pants are suitable. A great option would be a mix of different styles of skinny jeans, cargo pants, leggings, and skinny pants.

With tops

Sneakers are considered athletic shoes; therefore, they suggest a freestyle choice of clothing that does not restrict movement. To maintain this look, it is better to choose bright loose tops, tunics, or t-shirts.


With hoodies, sweaters, jackets

Women’s are perfectly combined with different types of cropped jackets, especially if they are made of leather. Fashionable sweaters and hoodies are a great option. You can choose a stylish sweater with an exciting and original print in the cold season.

You need to choose sneakers with a zipper or give your choice the “kangaroo” model. Asymmetric sweaters or vests have become a fashion trend.

What to wear with men’s sneakers?

Of course, men’s sneakers differ from female models. These are simple sneakers with a slightly raised ankle.

With shorts and pants

Sports shoes go perfectly with various jeans, sports, and leather pants. Young kids combine sneakers with jeans or shorts. A trendy and stylish option combines skinny jeans layered with sneakers.

With hoodies, tops, and t-shirts

The latest fashion trend has become checkered shirts, massive sweaters, loose sweaters, and leather jackets. It is a sporty clothing style that men prefer most often because it is not only fashionable but also comfortable. You can combine sneakers with t-shirts in many bright colors, with exciting pictures and prints. Such an image will be not only stylish but also original.

What to wear in summer?

There is just a vast number of the most diverse options for combining sneakers with light summer clothes. It can be jeans, thin shirts, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, or skirts. Wear on a narrow natural toe or bare feet in hot weather. As a rule, some models of sneakers have light soles and mesh inserts.

What to wear in spring and autumn?

Sneakers are ideally combined not only with short jackets but also with coats. It is advisable to choose a coat with a straight and loose cut. In cooler seasons, you can combine sneakers with sleeveless jackets, sweaters, and pants.

So that the created image does not seem too dull, you can use bright accessories – for example, a backpack, bag, scarf, or hat. It is best to choose demi-season models of sneakers made of natural or artificial leather for the cold season because the feet should always be warm and not wet.

What to wear in winter?

The ideal option for a winter look is a combination of sneakers with tight tights and skirts, insulated pants, jeans, and warm outerwear (fur coat, short coat, winter jacket, or jacket). The best accessories will be fur or knitted hats, scarves, snoods, and gloves. It is worth choosing models insulated with natural fur for the cold season. Still, you can also use a unique thermal material.

 Semi-athletic shoes that allow you to walk in heels all day and at the same time feel good and comfortable. It is a versatile shoe that can be worn at any time of the year and combined with various outfits.