8-3997618 Sandals: Pour La Victorie

Bag: American Eagle

I, sadly, did not attend FNO tonight. I instead, took an Acela to Boston where I am now currently awaiting the Harvard Career fair. Fashion Week has this funny way of landing right around campus season (which takes up a lot of my time). HOWEVER, don’t take this as me complaining, I absolutely LOVE traveling for work. I’m doing a lot more this coming month and I can’t wait to share photos from each place. I have this thing where I like to pretend I’m as young as the kids who attend the career fair, and then I’m reminded that I’m several years out of college. That reminder usually comes between the “oh, I just graduated from college” comment and the “oh wait, it’s been two years now” realization.

Ugh. I could still get carded any day. I do not look a day over 18.

2-3763921  Left to Right: Poshlocket, Ann Taylor, Hermes, Jewelmint, Tiffanys 5-7867125

Ring: Jewelmint


If you haven’t noticed by now, tropical prints were my thang this summer. 

I think you can interpret how I feel about them. 

‘Nuff said.

BTW a lot of you asked me about more deets from the Lucky Fabb event, check out my answer on Twitter here.