The dress was a present from my Mom. I think it was a “I’m home from Las Vegas” treat. I received it about four years ago and have loved it ever since! In this photograph it looks just like a shirt but it’s actually a shortish dress. I think it’s long enough, however, for me not to call it a tunic (awesomeness… by the way that was GREAT english on my part). I can’t remember the designer, and the dress is now in winter storage, but I know it was from Scoop. 

I found this skirt at an amazing thrift store in Bklyn. Absolutely love the color of it. I’ve been trying to integrate some different items into my wardrobe. I’m liking it. I did an overhaul the other day and went through all my stuff. My closest is so clean now. I like. 

I know this skirt is technically a slip but I still love it and will continue to wear it as a legit skirt. That’s right… it’s legit. 


Scoop NYC dress, Zara belt, Vintage skirt, Alexander Wang bag, London Sole shoes

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Here I am stuffing my face per usual. This time I’m eating Reeses Pieces gelato. Don’t even get me started, it’s delicious. Conveniently enough there’s a Crumbs and a gelato shop within a block of my apartment. By convenient I mean absolutely, positively horrible. This blog will basically document me diving into the depths of obesity. 

I bought lychee the other day in China Town. It’s my new healthy thing. Perhaps I won’t become too overweight. Although, today at work we’re having Mrs Fields cookies (my favorite)!