The Happy Blues

popsugarblogsize-8298942 Remember my orange sweatshirt? Well this is its twin, in blue! I love how vibrant it is, it’s almost an eyesore but not quite. I tried to spice it up with a collared shirt underneath. Of course, it was hot out, and I sweat, and now the shirt is remotely stained (that’s right, I’m slow). Oh well the magicians (aka my dry cleaners) were able to take out most of it. I’m going to try wearing it, and if it’s a no go, maybe I’ll dye it a dark color. That’s resourcefulness at its best right there.  3blogsize-6545158

Karen Walker sunglasses, Equipment blouse, J. Crew sweatshirt, Current Elliott shorts, Barney’s shoes, Proenza Schouler bag, House of Harlow ring 

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You’re probably all thinking, “Hello, weren’t you going to change your format”? Yes, I am, don’t worry… just a couple more insufferable days of too many pictures and black borders.

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Finding out that the Zara e-commerce site will open in the US on Sept. 7th. I think I cried at my desk when I heard the news. I just can’t believe it’s so soon… I’m beyond excited. No more frantic calls to all the stores in the city to see which one has that one particular item of clothing I want. Ugh, my poor wallet.

2) Drinking lychee iced tea for lunch (I’m lychee obsessed) 

3) Remembering how my dad picked our lock at home this weekend because we had left the keys in the house… he’s like a super hero. I knew he would do it. He can do anything, it’s pretty impressive