Sunday 9.8

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Necklace: c/o oNecklace, Cardigan: Old Navy, Jumpsuit: Asos, Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shoes: Zara

Dear NYFW’ers,

While you’re off gallivanting in heels I could never walk in, I’m in Boston, enjoying some shopping, food and family. 

Since departing NYC I’ve had some time to think about Fashion Week. 

Your Instagram photos, and 10 second videos, have really kept me informed. 

While I totally appreciate you documenting your experiences on every social media outlet you can, I still have some important questions.

Are you really friends with all those bloggers? 

I mean, when you think of your besties, do you think of those bloggers that you post picture after picture with? 

On second thought, I totally trust everything you say, photograph, and write so I know it has to be true.


How do you walk in those heels? 

Can you see through those sunglasses? 

How many Kenzo sweatshirts should one own? 

Should I try to show my belly button in every outfit, even when wearing overalls?

(oh, it is possible)

How comfortable are those furry slipper Birkenstocks? Are they as great as they look? 

Is your next post going to be entitled, NYFW Day 4? 

Did you make sure to cover posts 1-3 beforehand? 

How many photographers got your picture today?

Was it more pictures than Day 1 or Day 2 or even Day 3? 

Did you make sure to get the publication each photographer is representing?

If you didn’t, how will you link back to every single one of those photos that were taken of the same outfit?

Is it true I can expect a new Kenzo sweatshirt design just in time for NYFW in the Spring? 

Can’t wait! 



*Photographs taken by the BF.