OOTD: I Love Kate Spade

There are some brands I like such as Gap, J. Crew and Old Navy but there are a select few that I love. A recent addition to my “brands I love” list is Kate Spade. My shopping adventures at Kate Spade’s Madison Ave store certainly helped add Kate Spade to my list, however, what really won me over is the whimsy in all the brand’s items.

A few weeks ago I posted a view from above photo to my Instagram wearing a Kate Spade blouse. That photo received the most likes of any photo I’ve ever posted! I replicated that same ensemble above. The focal point of the outfit is, of course, the Kate Spade blouse. What’s so unique about the top is that the front is a floral print and the back is striped. When I wore the blouse to work a colleague thought I had changed tops because she had originally seen only the striped back and not the floral front.

The other things I like about Kate Spade are the impeccable service and great sales. That means if you like anything at full price it will likely go on sale at Kate Spade’s outlet store. The outlet stores are incredibly accommodating and will ship state-wide. If they don’t have it at the particular store you call, they’ll look for it at another. That’s how I recently scored an awesome pair of heart print pants (at more than half the price).

Simply put, I ❤️ Kate Spade!

*Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto.

Kate Spade Shopping Adventure 1, Kate Spade Shopping Adventure 2