There’s not much to say about this outfit aside from the fact that I’m wearing a onsie (aka jumpsuit) and it’s freaking awesome. It is true what they say, it’s incredibly annoying to go to the bathroom in this thing. 


Proenza Schouler, J. Crew Ballet flats, Zara jumpsuit, J. Crew Denim vest 

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Highlights of my day include: 

1) Riding to Long Island in a luxurious town car courtesy of the BF for our two year anniversary

2) Eating a large crumbs cupcake (when I mean large I mean the huge cake-ish cupcake… we didn’t finish it, obvi) courtesy of me for our anniversary 

3) Being told at work that I’m working hard to poison everyone 

4) Getting stuck on the subway only to get out and take a 45 minute cab ride home 

5) Remembering to bring my umbrella after days of sporadic thunder storms only to be pleasantly surprised that I actually needed it today (score)

Have a great weekend! 

P.S. Photographs from our two year anniversary weekend will be posted on the blog, of course!