Gab(b)y's NYFD

1-2796283 I’m going to throw it out there, I didn’t get invited to any fashion shows. It all worked out in the end because I work an 8 to 6 job and I had to travel. But I must admit I was feeling some intense fashion envy of all those fashionistas enjoying fashion week. Well, lucky me, my friend, and fellow blogger, Gabby (great name I know), texted me to say she’d be in the city this weekend.  Let me just start with, this girl is DA BOMB. Idk if its just that all Gab(b)y’s rock but we had an awesome time together. I must admit, I enjoyed saying, “we’re both named Gab(b)y” a little too much. We attended an Elle partay at the Empire, and then, checked out some Chanel goodies a couple floors below. Lastly, we walked around Lincoln Center snapping photographs of all the gorgeous ladies walking in and out of the shows (post here). It was definitely the NY Fashion Day I needed. 

And even though I didn’t attend any shows, my feet still KILLED afterwards. Damn those heels.

I subtly (and I mean pretty obviously) begged Gabby to move to NYC so I can do this with her every fashion week. I desperately need a partner in crime and I’m liking the idea of Gab(b)y squared.

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