popsugarsteffyblogsize-1241760 This weekend was amazing. Steffy, of SteffysProsandCons, came to NYC and we met up! It’s insane because we met via blogging but it honestly feels like we’ve been friends for so long. Shopping and talking together came so naturally and we had an amazing time. It’s always great when you find another close friend! Also, as many of you know, Steffy is amazing at finding the best thrift treasures so I was VERY excited when she took me to this amazing thrift store in Bklyn. I got three skirts for… ready for it…. $22.00! Serious insanity. I absolutely love the skirts as well. I can’t wait to feature them on the blog! I’ll try and take pictures this weekend. 

I somewhat coerced my BF into buying me this Philip Lim jacket last summer (and by coerced I mean forced). It was on sale for the most amazing price at Scoop and I thought it would be a unique piece that could go with almost anything. I’m very glad I’m so convincing. I absolutely love this jacket, especially that it has cargo-esque details. It’s awesome. 

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Urban Outfitters hat, Madewell romper, Philip Lim jacket, J. Crew booties and J. Crew bag 

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This last pic is of all of us. Steffy’s brother Matt and her friend Tara joined us. It was really a fun time. We went to this amazing ice cream shop by St Marks Place. OMG, I had the chocolate peanut butter in a cone, seriously I could have died it was so good. I have to go back there asap. 

I know I’ve been absolutely horrible with responding to comments but I promise I will get back to them within the next couple of days. Forgive me! I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. 

BTW lets properly acknowledge the fact that my camera is nothing compared to Steffy’s. I mean the quality of these photographs is incredible. If my camera took pictures like this idk what I’d do with myself. Seriously, I’d be so happy. A better camera is DEFINITELY on the top of my birthday/Christmas list (yes I’ll have to wait a very long time… my bday is in December too). At least these pictures hint at what my blog could be… *tear* Some day!