Bar Boulud

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One of the last memories I have with you is eating brunch. If my memory serves me right you got a breakfast burrito. 

We sure do love to eat in our family. 

Recently, mom, dad the BF and I went to a restaurant in the city called Bar Boulud and it was delicious. I got the Croque Madame, and while it was good, I think sweet brunch is definitely their specialty. 

Mom and the BF loved the french toast but my heart was definitely with the waffle (as was dad’s). 

Also delicious was the sausage ball. I’m not sure why it was a ball, but hell, it didn’t matter because it tasted damn good.  

Mom would have taken you here and spoiled you like crazy. 

Anything you pointed to on the menu she would have ordered for you.

The funny thing is, you probably would have only pecked at each dish. 

You were always the skinny one. 

I remember that exact fact each time I force your small ring onto my chubby fingers. 

I hope you’re spoiling yourself with good food now. 

All the muches. 

*Photographs taken by me.