Alma Mater


Forever 21 faux fur jacket,  Ray Ban sunglasses, Intermix Gloves 

This long weekend I did nothing too exciting. The BF and I ate (a lot) and relaxed. I think I finally caught up on sleep that I haven’t gotten in a very long time.  


Zara sweater, J. Brand jeans,Grandmother’s necklace, Zara booties, and Balenciaga bag

This handbag I received for my 21st birthday. I’m seriously in love with all Balenciaga handbags. This color is great (I’m a huge fan of gray) and I love that the studs are covered in fabric as well. I need to get it spruced up a bit and will probably send it to Balenciaga to get refurbished soon. Have to keep the nice things looking nice! I purchased this sweater from Zara in the beginning of the winter. The pleather elbows sold me. It’s such an interesting sweater with all the different fabrics that come into play. It’s knit in the front and sweatshirt material in the back. Quite unique.


Below is a little visual diary of my long weekend. 


 I couldn’t leave the Upper Westside because I’ve lived uptown ever since I arrived for college. I only live two stops away from my Alma Mater and often frequent the area to visit and eat. I know everything up there so well I just can’t stay away! Here I am sitting by the Columbia steps… my old stomping grounds. I must say I never thought I’d miss college so much but I do! I have to go back every once and a while and just admire the campus and all its beauty. Whenever it was warm out we would swarm Columbia’s campus and sit out on the lawns; enjoying the sun and having fun. I can’t wait till it’s warm again… you’ll know where to find me. 


Here is a little snapshot of my jewels. They hang across from my bed so I wake up to them every morning. The rest of my necklaces hang in my closet… but I love how you can use jewelery as a decoration. It really adds something to the room.


The view from my balcony after the snow arrived. It wasn’t much but it’s quite disappointing to see after our 62 degrees the previous week… I wish it would just stay warm! 


The BF is Korean so whenever we get the chance we go out to have Korean food. This weekend was definitely a great opportunity. We went to our favorite Korean spot in the city, Kum Gang San… if you haven’t been, check it out (it’s a little pricey but definitely worth it). 


That is my lovely President’s Day weekend. Food, food and more food… oh and sleep! It was relaxing, I must say, and I finally cleaned the apartment which was a huge feat. Unfortunately, today, I am handing in my computer to get re-vamped which means I will be without it for a week. I don’t know what I’m going to do, it’s been by my side for five years… I’ll be so lost without it! This means that I will not have access to photoshop for quite some time and want to warn everyone that the quality of my photos will not be quite up to par for the next several days. I will be using my BF’s computer to do my editing but I won’t be able to do all the effects I’ve been doing, seeing as he doesn’t have photoshop. You’ll have to bear with me until I get my computer back… I’ll miss it, but it’s in desparate need of repair. I won’t even list the things that are wrong with it, it’ll scare you it’s that bad. I can’t wait to have a new and improved computer returned to me next week! Maybe I’ll actually be able to watch videos on it again… well, a girl can dream. 

Until tomorrow.