2 Years


July 8th was my 2 year anniversary with the BF. We had an incredible weekend filled with yummy, yummy food. Here’s a little photo diary.

BTW I’ve been dying to announce this here… my dad got me a new lens! It’s so amazing and the pictures are infinitely better. These photographs were all taken with that lens. In the future all photographs for this blog will be taken with it as well. Yay papa! 

WARNING: This post will be extremely mushy, proceed with caution. 

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Erin Wasson, Nixon 

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The cuff was my favorite gift of the weekend. I absolutely love it. It looks so adorable on. It’s such a unique piece. Go Erin Wasson! The BF always gets me the most incredible gifts.

We went for Korean for our anniversary dinner, it was incredibly delicious. The pictures of that gross jelly looking thing is actually one of my favorite dishes. Are you ready for what it is? Jellied acorn… yum! Of course we ordered Kalbi (the BF’s favorite). He eats it without the lettuce but I love to make the little wraps, extra yumminess.

Highlights of my Two Years include: 

1) The first time we had wine together, just us two, because the boys were being lame

2) When the BF came over to help me clean up from a party (a surprise) bearing a sandwich and diet Snapple half and half (I’m obsessed with diet lemon, he was very close to getting it perfect, the fact that he tried to get it perfect one of the first times we hung out made it even more meaningful) 

3) The BF asking me out at Trinity while he’s holding me to clam my queasy stomach after a night of drinking… the conversation literally went something like “BF I’m nauseous, I think I’m going to hurl” “Gaby will you go out with me?”

4) Going to Olive Garden

5) Barnes and Noble trip, where we bought supplies for the BF’s tutoring job

6) Watching the snow fall outside Plimpton and it collecting on the window ledge 

7) The first time the BF said I love you 

8) Taking drives past our spot 

9) Going out for Korean food 

10) Picking apples 

11) The first spontaneous East Hampton trip 

12) Shelter Island and the secret beach we found 

13) Getting our first apartment together 

14) Moving into 110 

We’ve had so many amazing memories together, too many for me to list on this blog. I can’t wait for the many more to come. 

I love you my da bo bos.