You know what I love? I love when people post how glamorous they look at the airport (or traveling using any means of transportation). I mean, come on, really? You look that good and composed when you travel? Why are you wearing heels to go on a six hour flight? I have to admit, I’ve tried to look all dolled up while walking through Penn Station and by my second step in there I’m sweating and cursing that I didn’t wear something more comfortable. Here’s my solution people… be practical and ugly. That’s really where it’s at. I mean, you can’t get more simple than a denim blouse, denim cut offs, and Havaianas. The definition of simplicity. 


Madewell blouse, Abercrombie shorts, Handbag from Peru, Havaiana sandals 

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This is called the, “Hey check out my awesome backpack picked up at a market in Cusco, Peru” pose. Original, right? 

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The BF’s acquiring quite a talent for this photography thing. Or maybe the new lens plus automatic focus is finally working. Either way, SCORE. 

Highlights Cons of my day include: 

1) Traveling for four hours 

2) Not getting my McFlurry

3) Listening to my Dad’s music on blast the whole car ride out to the Hamptons… I swear at one point we listened to snake charmer music

4) Arriving to our house at a whopping 12:30am, when I haven’t gone to sleep past 11:30pm in a year (I’m exhausted, and yes I’m a grandma) 

P.S. How do we feel about this newish layout (the changes are very minimal). No more black border, fewer pics and more words interspersed throughout… thoughts?