The Snow Boot Pyramid


Have you heard the news? It’s snowing around the clock in NYC. 

I’m one of those people that does not sacrifice comfort, and safety, for fashion. As a result, finding chic snow boots was one of my top priorities for this winter. Featured above is The Snow Boot Pyramid, similar to, but not to be confused with, The Food Pyramid. 

Let’s discuss further. 

1. Ralph Lauren: These were my most recent snow boot purchase. They’re incredibly warm and don’t look silly when worn with normal clothing. The best part? They’re now on sale for $42 dollars – that’s an actual steal. 

2. Hunter: The first piece of advice I was given as a college freshman in NYC was, “Buy rain boots – there are a lot of puddles in New York”. Um, best freaking advice ever. Be advised, these boots are not made for trekking through the snow as their warmth factor is minimal. However, they are perfect for those days when the snow is melting and puddles are abundant. Plus, I love the fun green color and miniature height! 

3. Uggs: My mom bought me these snow boots as a Christmas gift years ago. To date, they are my favorite pair of snow boots. The top of the boot can be worn up or folded down to show the fur. They are incredibly warm and the traction on the bottom of the boots is insane – I’ve never felt like I could slip in them even when walking on ice.

4. Uggs: I was thinking of purchasing these boots but decided to go with the Ralph Lauren ones instead. I felt that black suede, and salt on the street, did not make for a good combination. 

5. Sorel: I had these bad boys in my shopping cart, ready to be purchased, however, I emptied my cart after seeing them in person. The Sorel Caribou boots make your feet look huge. A friend of mine said they’re also incredibly heavy. I can see these boots being useful if you have to shovel your driveway but I cannot picture them being worn, all day long, walking the streets of NYC. 

6. Uggs: The beauty of are the videos of models wearing the shoes advertised. I love the plaid pattern on these boots but boy do they look bad when worn. 

Don’t be surprised to see The Snow Boot Pyramid distributed in all public schools across the greater New York City area. 

*Collage created by me.