Degaine infinity scarf, Zara jacket, Madewell cardigan, Old Navy jumpsuit, DIY Studded Urban Outfitter shoes, J. Crew bag

I went with something very casual today. I recently hurt my ankle and wanted to dress the part. As a result, I wore a ridiculously relaxed outfit; everything is baggy, and I’m wearing one of my only pairs of sneakers (aside from my converses). These sneakers I painstakingly studded myself, without a studding machine. For anyone who has not attempted to stud something by hand, it is very hard, especially because the shoes are so narrow at the front, and the material is tough, so no exacto knife could be used. In the end my hands were extremely sore but I was beyond happy with the result. 

Like my grandmother used to say to me,”beauty is pain”. 


Here they are in all their glory.  Worn with my boyfriend’s socks… lovely I know.


Voila! That’s it!

For those of you who enjoy good television, invest some time in watching Brothers and Sisters… I’m obsessed. I love Scotty and Kevin and can’t wait for the season to start up again on Sunday. Any fellow fans out there? Leave me some B&S love. Sad what my life has come to… haha

It’s almost Friday… crazy huh?