Sonnet James

stella-9823109 1-7992177 3-3489566 winnie252btangerine-6927140 5-9627301 4-8100896 piper-2039561 My mom and I were recently talking about boutiques and how they have nearly disappeared in NYC. It’s such a shame to see those stores close because independent designers often have  more unique items than name-brand stores. I am a huge fan of the blog Love Taza and I noticed that Naomi had been wearing some killer dresses. I was pleased to discover that those dresses came from an independent designer, Sonnet James.  Everything about Sonnet James is adorable – their Instagram account and, in particular, their lookbook. I recently purchased my first Sonnet James dress (the one pictured directly above) and it is so comfortable! When I tried on the dress, the BF’s eyes lit up.  I’m now on the way to becoming a Sonnet James devotee. 

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