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These are some snapshots I took of my outfit. I used my point and shoot digital camera instead of my SLR because my boyfriend’s computer can’t convert RAW pictures into JPGS. This camera is actually great for detailed close ups, but it’s not very good in focusing on whole figures (weird I know). 

The Dannijo bracelet I’m wearing I did a little DIY project with. It’s a little messy but I sort of like it like that. I absolutely love the colors on the bracelet. This will probably be the style of my shots until I get my computer back… can’t wait. I should be able to pick it up sometime early next week. I hope the fan (finally) doesn’t make noise, it’s so exciting. 

The Gabi ring I’m wearing I purchased in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World several years ago. There’s a guy right outside of the Pirates of Caribbean ride who carves names into rings. I decided to spell my name with an “I” at the end because at the time I thought it was cooler… ah the stupidity of High School. I actually spell my name with a “Y” at the end… it was definitely not the brightest of choices, but I still love the ring. 

Don’t you just love my cluttered desk with the empty graduation frame? I’ve been planning on putting a photo in there (since August) and haven’t gotten around to it. Apartment makeover is definitely on my list of to-dos. 

The boots I am wearing are my J. Crew booties I purchased with my Christmas and Birthday money. I’m in love with them. I definitely wear them way too often but who cares I just can’t get enough! 

Until tomorrow.