J. Crew coat, Intermix arm warmers, Longchamp tote, Madewell jeans, J. Crew booties

I love this red coat. I bought it several years ago at J. Crew and retired it to the back of my closet at home. This year I was sifting through my old things and found it again. I’m so glad I did. Looking through old things at home, that you’ve forgotten about, is like going to your own personalized thrift store. I love the jacket’s silhouette and its’ bright coloring. I especially like that it’s not too long. I’m definitely channeling the sailor look here.

 LF fur collar, Zara vest, Elizabeth and James shirt, Madewell jeans, Longchamp tote, J. Crew booties 

I have been in love with this vest since the first day I saw it in Zara a couple years ago. The second I saw studs I just knew I had to have it. The pattern is gorgeous, and because of its’ neutral color I can mix and match the vest with virtually anything. 

fabsugarpostvest-9723264 This Elizabeth and James shirt is similar to the Equipment shirts the way it looks and feels. My mom bought it for me on sale at Intermix. It’s a really great piece and I love the pattern. Silk shirts are slowly becoming a new favorite item of mine. 

Today I have to stay extra late at work so I won’t be posting anything tomorrow (I prep my posts in the evening the night before). My Forever 21 things should be arriving in the mail today and I’ve made a wish-list, so Friday’s post will be a hefty one.

Until Friday, Ciao!