My Closet in Sketches

gaby2527soutfitinsketchesblogsize-6207163 Here is one of my first surprises! Lauren, from the incredible My Closet in Sketches, sketched my outfit from this post here.  Her blog is one of my favorites and I check it daily for great outfits and stories. We have some more projects coming up together which I’m excited to debut in the future! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet do it now, it’s so great. Seriously click here and go check it out! 

Dak Doritang

carrots1blogsize-9358473 chickenmarinatingblogsize-7570047 chickenonstoveblogsize-5372292 chickencookingblogsize-2668058 finaldishkoreanblogsize-5161763 As you all know by now my BF is Korean (and if you don’t know, now you do)! All I hear day in and day out is how I don’t cook enough Korean food and how his mom is the best cook in the universe (she is quite good I must admit). This is one of his favorite recipes, which I luckily found on a great Korean cooking blog. As you can tell it’s very spicy but quite yummy. If you’re looking to try a different dish try cooking this one! The cooking instructions are linked in the title or you can find them by clicking here.  I hear all your cries for the recipes I use… don’t worry! I’ll go back and link previous posts as well so that all recipes can be viewed. If you can’t live without knowing right now, most of the previous recipes (if not all) were from Cooking Light. However, if you can wait, I’ll link them soon. 

I’m exhausted. The week has a way of doing that to you… I start off feeling rejuvenated from sleeping my whole weekend away and then by mid week I’m already dying again for more nap time. As my mother would say, “Gaby, that is life”. 

Happy Hump Day to all!