Last Glimpse of Summer


Dress: American  Eagle

Boots: Zara (similar style here)

I cannot believe it’s almost October! This weekend I’ll be traveling (on business) to one of my favorite places in the world, Orlando. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak away from work and hit up Disney World. 

Did anyone get a chance to catch my post from yesterday? When I woke up this morning my mom said, “doesn’t look like your Emma post is doing well, you have no comments”. I found that to be a really interesting statement because I don’t judge each post on how many comments it gets. If I’m putting up content that I believe in, I think that’s a successful post. And if there’s something, or someone, I definitely believe in, it’s Ms. Emma Watson. 

Plus, I’d rather get a comment that’s meaningful than one that’s not. There are regulars who comment on my blog with honest commentary that I look forward to reading each day. 

What are all your thoughts on the comment phenomenon?

BTW with fall comes football. With football comes a crazy BF and an even crazier me. Help. 

Football + Me + Studio + BF = Disaster 

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