It Ain't No Mellow Yellow


These shorts are FANTABULOUS. Barbs bought them for me from a store I’ve been eyeing called Comptoir Des Cotonniers. They have really adorable things at a great price. I read an article (oh so specific I know but I forgot from where…. I’m sorry I’m only human) that totally owned this store. It really ripped it to shreds. But don’t always believe what you read. That place is da bomb. I’m telling you, I love it. Have any of you been there? What do you think? 

I had to layer the necklaces. The silverish one is from the J. Crew sample sale. I love J. Crew but the sample sale prices were worse than what they do with their normal sale. Gotta know how to work their website, it’s like a super sample sale every day! 


Adia Kibur necklace, J. Crew necklace, Topshop sweater, Comptoir Des Cotonniers shorts, Topshop shoes, Cambridge Satchel Company bag

lookingdownblogsize-2492445 lookingdown2blogsize-7736868 handbagdetailblogsize-5023724 1blogsize-4013574 2blogsize-1302711 necklacedetailblogsize-3688205

The world has spoken and I’ve heard your calls. Let me introduce the ever so lovely Barbs aka Mama Monsanto… can you guess which one she is? 


I have to interrupt here. My face is PRICELESS. I walk around like that daily, it’s why I’m so popular.

pool1blogsize-5372465 threepeepsblogsize-4174136 sniffingleafblogsize-6727406

I call this last pose, “Smelling the Leaves”. They don’t really smell like anything… they ain’t no roses that’s fo sho. 

The second to last picture features the BF and my cuz. The cousin and I are two weeks apart in age… can you guess who’s older? I know you won’t believe it… but it’s me! I look so young it’s hard to fathom (hehe).

Highlights of my day: 

1) Eatting a yummy roll with butter 

2) Watching GH while exercising 

3) Deciding with my friend that we will arrive for the final HP movie at 8pm when the movie doesn’t start till 12am, we may even watch the The Deathly Hallows Part 1 on my computer while in line… SO COOL