Inappropriate Attire


Yesterday there was a huge slush-storm out and I was wearing brand new boots from J.Crew that I used my Christmas money to purchase. The BF told me the snow wouldn’t start till 5pm… and by 9:59am there was already an accumulation of a couple of inches…. blah… I ended up taking a cab home from work as I was slip sliding away, it was a nice and expensive treat. 

This past summer, the BF and I lived in East Hampton working out there and enjoying the sun. He worked at J.Crew giving me a new appreciation of their clothes. Jenna Lyon has done a wonderful job sprucing up their collections. Everything there is now fresh and beautiful. Although the prices have been raised quite a bit, their sales are absolutely wonderful, it’s where I find some of my best and favorite purchases. Yesterday I was wearing a zara sweater (purchased by my mother on her own perogative… i’m very proud i love this sweater and its interspersed holes), a plain intermix tank top (I don’t even remember what the brand name is), a jcrew mongolian fur stole, topshop floor length skirt, jcrew tights (underneath the skirt) jcrew booties and a balenciaga bag. The J. Crew booties were a purchase that was a long time coming, I fell in love with them online and was stalking the website to see when they would go on sale. I received so many gift cards to J.Crew for Christmas (yay…one mention to the family that I loved J.Crew and every single relative provided me with a gift card… not bad!) that I just had to purchase them asap… unfortunately they have since gone on sale but I wear them almost every single day so the purchase was a definite success. 

Book Updates: Unfortuantely, I can’t start photographing new pictures until I update my equipment, right now I’m using a normal point and shoot digital camera so I need to trek on home this weekend (to Long Island) and pick up my SLR, I also need to purchase some white background paper! Pictures will be up soon… I’m also going to grab the pictures I took of my thesis display at home hurrah