Imagine all the People

popsugarblogsize-7534627 I had been dying for a pair of John Lennon sunglasses. So you know what I did? I texted Steffy, from Steffy’s Pros and Cons. She runs a terrific thrift store, Tea and Tulips. I asked her if she could keep a look out for round sunglasses and here they are in all their glory. If you haven’t seen her store before, definitely check it out. She has great stuff, needless to say I’ve bought a few pieces already. 8blogsize-2425834

Tea and Tulips sunglasses, Banana Republic necklace, Gift Shop t-shirt, Zara shorts, Belle by Siegerson shoes, Balenciaga bag 


I’ve been working all day and now I’m on a plane home from Ithaca… can you guess a highlight in all of that? I think NOT! 

Oh wait, perhaps the highlight is that I get to travel fo free. What, what. 

Jeez louise, you want that Equipment blouse badly. Good thing you came to the right place: GIVEAWAY