J. Jill velvet shirt, Club Monaco t-shirt, Free People necklace, J. Brand jeans, Zara shoes, Forever 21 hat

People how can you not love this creepy face? I’m pretending here that it’s actually warm enough to be outside without a jacket… yea I’m warm… sure. This top my mom bought for herself from J. Jill. When I saw her wearing it I made her get it for me asap (yes if we wanted to wear it on the same day we’d be twins). I love the color and had been searching for the perfect velvet item, I found it in J. Jill. It’s amazing what you can find in the strangest places. I also have another black velvet shirt from them as well, it was a velvet gold mine. 

It’s funny that I have so many shoes, yet I wear the same four or five on repeat… lol. Oh well, they make nice apartment decorations!

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My Free People necklace was a gift from my mom for Christmas (or my birthday?) several years ago. I love it! It’s such a unique piece, and spices up any outfit. Mom, if you’re reading this, the necklace was definitely a successful purchase bravo, I’m proud of you. 

I made balsamic asparagus with roasted cherry tomatoes and goat cheese. To sum it up in one word, yum. I’m obsessed with goat cheese it makes every and anything good. 

On a different note, when I was little I used to LOVE old movies. I just couldn’t get enough. Everyone thought I was bizarre, instead of watching Sponge Bob I was watching Some Like it Hot. There’s something about the acting back then, and the sets, that’s just so classic and beautiful. Elizabeth Taylor was a wonderful actress, I was saddened today when I read she passed away. When I talked to my dad about it he said, “She lived a good life”. I think that’s definitely the best way to think about it.