Tuxedo Time


Coat: Asos

Blazer: LC for Kohls

T-Shirt: Stylemint

Necklace: J. Crew

Pants: Uniqlo (similar style here)

Bag: Prada

Boots: Topshop (similar style here) As you can tell, this is definitely my go to coat. I love the play on textures and colors. It’s really quite a unique piece. I have a secret for you, don’t tell anyone, LC for Kohls, is not half bad. I know, I’m committing a fashion faux-paus by admitting that, but I’m serious. Her dresses and blazers are pretty awesome. 4-5737294

Tomorrow morning, literally at the crack of dawn, I’m off to Florida. I need some intense sleep tonight to get up as early as my mom wants me too… trying to keep the end goal in mind here. 

Not gonna lie, 5:15 is really early though!