When my BF saw this outfit he exclaimed, “OMG you look so professional”. That wasn’t necessarily my intention, but whatever floats your boat. I purchased this green shirt over the summer at J. Crew, I never knew what to wear it with so I tried to experiment a little here… I’m not sure how crazy I am about it but I absolutely love the color so I’ll give it another go. And yes, I own a second pair of leopard shoes (I know I have a leopard addiction disease). 



 This necklace I bought after a quick run through Topshop. I love the way the necklace lays, it’s such a beautiful design. 


 Club Monaco blazer, J. Crew green blouse, Henry Lehr turtle neck, J Brand jeans, Steve Madden shoes 


I bought this scarf on that same Topshop excursion mentioned above. I had been dying for a knit scarf, and although I would have preferred one that was a little more chunky, this will definitely do.


Topshop scarf, Jet by John Eshaya cardigan, J. Crew belt, Patterson J. Kincaid blouse, J Brand jeggins, Target shoes and J. Crew bag 

Another outfit from the previous week. The loafers I purchased at Target for an unbelievable price. If I can find someone who studs things in the city, I would definitely get them studded… I’ll have to investigate that more. Does anyone know of anyone or any place to get studding done? 



I purchased these two Lauren Conrad necklaces on Kohls.com. I had really wanted some subtle/ delicate necklaces and thought these were perfect. The elephant necklace is very long while the owl necklace is more of a choker. They both came on these hideous chains (sorry LC) so I went over the weekend to a wonderful store in Brooklyn that was able to put brand new chains on them. I also added the little orange bead to the elephant necklace. The store, Brooklyn Charm, allows you to pick out your own beads/ chains and they’ll make the necklace for you right on the spot. I really think these brand new chains make a huge difference (I wish I had taken before and after pictures… oh well). I was also able to customize the lengths, I made the elephant necklace a little longer and the owl necklace a little shorter. All in all, it was a great success! They were also able to fix another necklace of mine that had broken and put a new chain on my sparrow necklace. By the way, this was all purchased for an incredible price. newpurchaselcowlnecklace-7860366


Yay, I’ve finally been able to post all my new purchases from last week. I’m very excited about a lot of them, specifically my Kohls necklaces which I was able to personalize a bit. 

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And now I must bid you adieu.