Tree Hugger


This is the last post in the most recent packing series. If I had to pick some items in my closet that are my absolute favorite, I’d have to chose this dress as one of them. I LOVE it. The print is so great as is the coloring. It just screams Gaby. I ordered it on the phone before Madewell had an online store (remember those days). When it arrived I just stared at it. I was so happy. It lived up to all my expectations and more…. God it sounds like I’m talking about a first love or something! Seriously, this blog points mostly to the fact that I may have mental issues. Oh well, it’s always fun to laugh at yourself. 


J. Crew jacket, Madewell dress, Ray Ban sunglasses, Superga sneakers, Proenza Schouler handbag

sideblogsize-4196753 proenzablogsize-5688803

OMG my gorgeous (and FREE) Proenza… woot woot! 

dancingblogsize-5799451 standing1blogsize-5976323 straightonblogsize-4417191 sideglanceblogsize-5599155 sunglassesblogsize-3552932 smellingblogsize-2741148 undertreeblogsize-4328673 spin1blogsize-9902092

So my first question to all of you, after viewing these photos, is: Can one be diagnosed with a tree obsession? Seriously, I wonder if this is something I should be worried about. Hahah, nah it’s just the lack of greenery in the city that leads me to be so in love. 

The last picture is my favorite. I was trying to do a skirt twirl on camera…#epicfail. My friend just taught me the # sign thing on twitter. If I were tweeting, my usage of #epicfail would be so right… right? Like I said to her, when in Rome.