Tough Chick


This is as close to punk rocker as I’m ever going to get… can this really even be considered punk? Whatever, it’s all black. Not much to say about this outfit except last summer I wanted inexpensive leather shorts and I found them, there’s really nothing I can’t find muahaha. 


Three Dots shirt, Blank shorts, Proenza Schouler bag, Ferragamo shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses


Highlights of my day include: 

1) Getting drinks with co-workers at 5pm to be called “sweetheart” by the waitress because I ordered two non-alcoholic shirley temples (I’m pretty sure she thought I was under 21, score)

2) Making new friends 

3) Talking in Nordstroms Off the Rack until they began to lock the place up 

4) Watching the best Challenge finale EVER

5) Eating fro-yo for dinner

6) Resisting the urge to purchase nail polish only to be told by the cashier that that nail polish sucked anyway (that’s two days in a row Mama)!