Thesis and the Like.

 As promised, in my first blog post, here are the photos of my thesis… finally! I went home this weekend to watch the Superbowl at my parent’s house and was able to snag these pictures. Below is the mural I created as well as the mini books I had made. 

Thesis Display finalblogthesis4-9902040

Detail of Shoe book


 Detail of Jewelry Book


 Center of Mural


This is the project I would like to continue.It really looked beautiful on the wall but I would love to make it into a book… maybe it would be better as an e-book as my collection is always growing? Definitely something to think about. This weekend I was also able to collect my SLR camera. The last step in the process to beginning my project is to purchase white background paper. I’m excited, but also a little intimidated because this project was very labor intensive. I really want to try and finish this for myself so I’m definitely going to give it my best shot. My computer is a little damaged at the moment so I will also have to bring that into Apple to get fixed. I hope that soon I’ll be able to pick up work on the project again. 

 Below are pictures of my weekend outfits.


Zara turtleneck, T by A. Wang dress, J. Crew tights, J. Crew boots, and Topshop bag 


J. Crew Mongolian fur stole, Zara t-shirt, Theory sweater, J. Crew belt, Madewell jeans, J. Crew boots, and J.Crew bag

Overall the weekend was very good. I have some new purchases arriving that I will be sure to post soon. I think my spending limit is slowly dwindling. The BF and I went to see Sanctum this weekend, it was visually beautiful (we saw it in 3-D) but overall the acting and plot were horrible, I guess that was to be expected! I also went to the LF sale with a friend, it wasn’t as great as last years but I still managed to pick up a great fur scarf (will post tomorrow). Last year I snagged the Jeffrey Campbell imitation Acne boots for $40.00. That was a great buy. Now I’m gearing up for the upcoming Barneys sale… can’t wait! 

Merry Monday Everyone!