The Terrible Tuesday


Today was one of those days where everything goes wrong and nothing goes right. You know how I fix those days? I come home and buy Crumbs cupcakes. Crumbs is ALWAYS the answer. 


 Alexander Wang bag, Sunshine & Shadow scarf (similar style here), Wildfox t-shirt, J. Brand pants with DIY leather patches, Urban Outfitters sneakers with DIY studds (similar style here)

This outfit is an amalgamation of some of my favorite things (like my use of a big word there huh? I hope I used it correctly….). There’s something so satisfying about making a DIY project you actually enjoy wearing. I think that feeling is pride, if I’m assessing the situation correctly. Who knows though, its been a long day.


Highlights of my day include: 

1) Getting rained on when I exited the subway this morning 

2) Working on a project for five hours only to be told I had to shut it down

3) Waiting for the subway after working for 11 hours only to realize it’s not running properly

4) Coming home and feeling bad for myself and buying two Crumbs cupcakes 

5) Knowing the cupcake flavors at Crumbs without any signs because I had memorized what I wanted on their website….