The Event

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Dress: Madewell, Shoes: Madewell, Bag: Coach, Necklace: Dannijo

It was surreal. 

I looked around and felt that my hard work had really paid off. 

Madewell is a store/company I have always admired. When I first graduated from college I even tried to get a job in one of their retail stores! 

To have an entire store at my fingertips for two hours was incredible. 

I tried on tons of goodies, ate lots of cupcakes and spent time with my family and close friend. 

I also got some great pieces to wear for the upcoming summer months. 

A Friday night has not been better spent in a while. 

Sometimes things are so good you have to pinch yourself to believe they’re real. 

This was one of those moments. 

And you know what? 

After everything that has happened in the past couple of months, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

*Photographs taken by the BF & me.