That Coat

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Coat: Target

It’s somewhat counterintuitive, but buying a coat in the Spring is better than buying a coat in the Winter. The reason for this bizarre occurrence, is that coats are on super sale in the Spring-time. I got the statement piece, featured above, for 20 dollars. 

As always, Target pleasantly surprised me – their Winter coat selection was incredibly extensive and fashionable. I currently own two of their coats, the one above included, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. 

I searched far and wide for this bright turquoise coat – I called almost every Target on Long Island to see if they had my size. Unfortunately, my initial search was fruitless. About a month or so ago, I ventured to my local Target and stumbled across the very coat I had been lusting after in the clearance section.

You know the expression, “you find love when you’re least expecting it”.

Well, for me, that happened in the form of a turquoise coat. 

*Photographs taken by me.