Thakoon Foo

fouroutfitsblogsize-6159311 For some reason I always miss the Target collaborations when they come out. I stay up all night long and am at my computer at 12am refreshing, trying to buy the items and they don’t appear. Then I fall asleep hand on the mouse and I wake up, drool everywhere, quickly refresh and everything is sold out. Guess what? These dresses did not sell out on me this time muahaha. I bought both this Thakoon dress as well as this Rodarte dress (go on click away). 

I love the print on this dress and it really fits me like a glove. I wanted to wear chunky wedges with this outfit but I was too tired to even fathom wearing them all day at work, thus I wore my green brogues, love em! Barbs (aka mama) told me they were the worst purchase ever and I was just wasting my money BUT I wear them all the time so she was wrong and I was right. Ah, I love those words (they don’t happen often that’s for sure). 


Thakoon for Target dress, American Apparel bodysuit, Zara shoes 


Bracelets from left to right: Forever 21, Madewell, Tiffany, David Yurman, Club Monaco 

I have to intrude here to comment, can you BELIEVE that bracelet is Club Monaco? It looks exactly like the Chan Luu bracelets. I tell my parents I want Chan Luu for Christmas and I get Club Monaco. It looks exactly the same so who cares, in the end, I loves it. 

dancing2blogsize-2079620 dancingblogsize-4236614 showinsomelegblogsize-4851706

Can’t you just imagine me in the clubs? As you can see I’m a wonderful dancer and I’m honestly tons of fun, as I’m sure you can tell from reading my blog (haha). 

Clearly I was having a little too much fun with this photoshoot. You know what this is called? Caffeine overload, or perhaps stupidity, you choose!  

shoedetailblogsize-3756680 blowingakissblogsize-1005231



P.S. I’ll be picking a winner of my Giveaway tonight so check your email to see if you’re the winner/ I’ll post it on the blog tomorrow as well! 

P.P.S. Lets discuss what I’m doing for Easter weekend. Convo with Barbs: 

Barbs: I just bought Harry Potter 7 part 1

Gaby: Let’s watch it! 

Barbs: Of course.

Gaby: And can we do our sewing projects?

Barbs: Absolutely! 

We are so cool. Sewing and Harry Potter, does it get much better?