It’s only the beginning of the week (the very, very beginning) and I’m already exhausted! This skirt is a Madewell purchase from last year. They had made this pattern into this beautiful dress which I wanted but they were sold out of at the Soho store and online. I am a thorough or perhaps obsessive compulsive shopper people, I assess all my options! This skirt was the next best bet. I think it’s only one of a handful of items that I own that’s white. I love the pattern, there’s something very interesting about it even though it’s so simple. 

This blouse has a funny story behind it. Freshman year of college I needed something to wear and my friend lent me this blouse. The second I put it on I fell in love; the color, the material it was perfect. I love the way it lies, baggy but not too baggy. I attempted to keep it (OMG guys I swear I’m not a bad person) but the better half of me gave it back (see I am good). I went on a mad search for it online and came across it on some site that I of course can’t remember anymore. Bottom line, I bought it and I’m in love… with a shirt, completely normal I swear. 


J. Crew denim jacket, Geren Ford blouse, Free People necklace, Pippin vintage necklace, Madewell skirt,  J. Crew booties

What do you guys think of the words on the picture? Do you prefer the photographs without words? 

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It’s fun to play around with settings in Photoshop. It’s amazing how this photograph can look so different than the other photograph on the balcony, as if they were taken at two different times of the afternoon. 


This is not an advertisement for Sephora, I promise, I just got a little excited making collages in Photoshop (cool I know). I do love this nail color though. It’s not your ordinary blue and it really is quite vibrant in person. If I had to recommend a line of nail polish I’d definitely go for Sephora by OPI. I love their colors and the polish lasts really long. This really isn’t an advertisement, I know less believable the more I gab, but it’s truly not! 

Check out my GIVEAWAY if you haven’t already, it’s a $100 dollar giftcard to Shopbop. Honestly, what could be better? They have free shipping. It’s a miracle (over dramatic yes, but it is what I think every time I order from there). 



P.S. I’d like to thank all of you for the kind comments on my hair in the last post! I do love wearing it down but it isn’t as it seems… my hair is generally unruly. If I don’t blow it out and then straighten it with a straightening iron it’s a mess (thus why I always wear it up). To straighten my hair takes almost an hour and a half! However, I do love it straight myself so I’ll definitely be doing it a lot more often.