This week has been long and exciting. I am beyond happy it’s Friday. I can’t wait to relax over the weekend! Yesterday, April 14th, was my Papa’s birthday so a big shout out to him for turning 38 (for the millionth year in a row).  I love my Dad, so Happy Birthday Pops! 

This sweatshirt I had been eyeing at J.Crew last summer and finally purchased it over the wintertime. It’s quite comfortable and a very interesting grey color (it has sort of a bluish tint to it). I love the zipper detail on the side, a lovely added bonus. I bought the same sweater for my cousin for Christmas. We enjoy dressing like twins (yea right). After I purchased this my mom said, “that’s going to look so nice when you go to the gym”. Oh Barbs (aka mama) you underestimate my casual dressing skills. I don’t wear it to the gym, I wear it on the streets of NYC!


Degaine scarf, J. Crew sweatshirt, Cheap Monday leather shorts, Forever 21 shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Ray Ban sunglasses

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I look like I’m straight out of an old musical here. I’m about to bust into New York, New York. 

Our neighbors must think were psychotic taking so many pictures on the balcony all the time. We’re like the neighborhood show, free tickets everyday at 6:15pm. 

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In college this faux leather jacket was the it item. I’m not even kidding you. All my friends would borrow it no matter what the size. I’m 5’8 and my 5’2 roommate would borrow it constantly. I wore it out to a bar one evening and, after a few too many drinks, left it in a booth to be guarded by my even drunker friend. That was a mistake. I returned and it was stolen (along with my purse). The next morning we returned to the Cafe asking questions to see if they had found anything. I was devastated about my purse, my roommates were devastated about my jacket (and who am I kidding I was upset too, definitely one of my best purchases). Thank God my friend was chummy with the restaurant owner; two days later we got a call saying they had found the jacket. And low and behold there it was! There was a mass celebration in the apartment after that. Our coveted jacket had been returned! 

I hope I haven’t put you to sleep with my college tale. I have so many photos to edit and arrange this weekend, I can’t wait to post them! Many more outfits to come and crumbs cupcakes too (I told you I was obsessed). 

I had a cupcake for dinner tonight (yes, just a cupcake), it’s seriously an issue. I think I should start cupcakes Crumbs anonymous, I’m in desperate need of it. 

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