Shirt Swap with Steffy… From MIA to NYC!

multiplepicturesblogsize-7528964 One of my absolute favorite things about blogging is meeting new people. One of the first bloggers I met was Steffy from Steffy’s Pros and Cons. I love her sense of style and the way she is able to mix and match all her gorgeous thrift items. We started talking and thought it would be a great idea to swap an item we’ve styled before on our blogs and show NYC style vs. MIA style. 

Steffy sent me this great black lace sweatshirt. I styled it with my floor length Zara skirt (I know I’m long skirt obsessed) and tons of accessories. This great blue clutch I absolutely adore. When I first got it I wasn’t sure how I felt about the particular shade of blue but after wearing it, I can safely say I love it. 


Steffy’s Forever 21 sweatshirt, Hot Topic Sparrow necklace, Grandmother’s vintage necklace, J. Crew belt, Zara skirt, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Comme Des Garcons clutch 

Does anyone else realize how every blogger now takes a picture like this (see above) whenever they’re wearing a long skirt? I just had to do it people! And I must admit it was tons of fun. The BF found it hysterical. 


I love Steffy’s tights and boots here. I’m a huge, huge fan of tights with jean shorts. And that burgundy color, gorgeous.

blueclutchdetailblogsize-8003838 secondcomparisonblogsize-1692817 detailofnecklacesblogsize-2922651 secondcomparison2blogsize-6711514

The funniest part to me about these comparisons (aside from my gorgeous facial expression here) is the difference in weather between MIA and NYC. I mean it’s just freaking ridiculous. Steffy’s pics are so gorgeous and filled with sunlight and mine are barely lit because its overcast. Gotta love that NYC weather! And did you notice the difference in background? Steffy’s pictures you can see trees and green, in mine you see a dirty balcony and buildings haha. Ah the city life. 

upcloseofshoesblogsize-9157279 mainphotoblogsize-4453387 beadedcomparisonblogsize-1617181 This last comparison is the piece I sent to Steffy, my green beaded top. Hop on over to Steffy’s blog to check out her post on our swap! 

This was an amazing experience and I think we’ll be making this a monthly thing… so keep an eye out for more of these posts in the future! 

Guys, can you believe it’s Monday again? I’m in shock. Tonight was a double dose of Brothers and Sisters which was awesome but alas I have to work tomorrow.

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