I love scalloped anything. When I saw these shorts at H&M I knew I just had to have them. They are such a wonderful peach color and I love that there are two layers of scalloping… score! Oddly enough, I don’t like scallops eating wise… yucky. 

I’m moderately obsessed with Converse sneakers. I would wear them everyday but that would be boring and they probably wouldn’t match everything I own… but you get my drift (I hope). I own so many colors it would make your head spin. It’s a collection thats been amassed since High School. I didn’t intentionally collect Converse sneakers, it just sort of ended up that way. 

I’m just SO awesome that I un-intentionally collect Converse sneakers… woot woot. 

If you’re in the airport one day and you see a girl that looks a hot mess, who’s hunched over with a huge bag with a dirty stuffed duck hanging out of it and Converses on her feet… that’s me! 


Karen Walker sunglasses, Converse sneakers, Alexander Wang bag, H&M shorts, Joie sweater

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I’m not sure if I’ve already made a Bat pose (I’m losing track here people) but if not, this is my Bat pose. If I have already done said pose, then this is my Fruit Bat pose…. I have to start getting specific here, obviously. I’m ready to strike the next fruit at any moment. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Getting a compliment on my homemade iced coffee at work (they don’t call me Bobby Flay for nothing) 

2) Obtaining a burn on my scalp (that wasn’t really a highlight, clearly, it was more of a random occurrence, puzzling even… how did it happen when I work indoors?) 

3) Constantly keeping tabs on Emma Watson throughout the day to see her plethora of outfits including the most adorable Prada dress ever known to man 

4) Watching Harry Potter on full blast while working out and then greeting a mini tour in the gym whilst sweating and watching Harry fly with Hagrid (freakin’ awesome… I’m in the gym (alone may I add) so often while tours are going on that people have come to accept that me and my sweat are part of the tour)