Santa Fe Inspired DIY


 Create Your Own Stone Bracelet

Today the fam and I are traveling to Santa Fe for a vacation filled with sun, great food and shopping. I honestly couldn’t be more excited to go to New Mexico. From what I hear, it’s absolutely stunning, and as an avid fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I can’t wait to try out the restaurants Guy Fieri has travelled to (that’s right, I’m a Food Network junkie). 

In order to kick off the vacay I wanted to create a Santa Fe inspired DIY. 

When I think of New Mexico, I think of beautiful stones. Although I was drawn to the more typical turquoise, I couldn’t take my eyes off of these rose colored beads.


You Will Need*: 

1) Stretch Cord

2) Stones of your choosing

*all my items were bought from Michaels 

1. Measure out a long length of cord (much longer than what fits around your wrist) and cut it


2. Tie a knot at one end of the cord, leaving some extra behind so you can finish the bracelet


3. Lay our your stones in the pattern you want for the bracelet


4. Begin threading your beads


5. Continue threading until all your beads are on the cord (I triple threaded the big stone so that it wouldn’t wiggle too much)


6. Take the remainder of your cord and tie a tight knot (you don’t want your beads rolling around)


7. Tie several more knots until you feel comfortable that it is secure (I’m a nut, so I tied about 6 knots)

8. Cut the excess cord you have after tying the knots


9. Wear your stone arm party with pride

Don’t worry, posting shall not cease while I’m away… that is the beauty of wireless internet