I’m back! Remember me? I know it’s been two whole weeks of me not blogging and I must admit I’ve missed it! I really needed a break from it all; trying to juggle a full time job, blogging and a BF is hard, so this two week hiatus was definitely nice. I must commend all of you who post everyday it’s seriously quite a feat! 

This outfit is a little on the edgy side. I absolutely LOVE this Equipment blouse… notice the studs? Perfection! I’m seriously stud obsessed. I got it for an insanely cheap price too because it went on super sale at the store I used to work at. I literally paid $40.00 for it and I had been eyeing it all season, I was so happy. 


Fallon necklace, Equipment blouse, Kohls t-shirt, J. Brand jeans, Steve Madden boots 

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I was trying to do a sexy Baywatch (or Babewatch as my dad used to call it) hair flip… wasn’t I totally successful? During my blogging break I was able to make some updates to my blog. I thought I would have to pay someone to help me with it, but through my great use of Google, I was able to figure it out all on my own. I must admit it was quite gratifying every time I was able to accomplish something… success! 

I’ve been a tad Harry Potter obsessed as of late; can you guys believe the final movie is almost out? I’m honestly going by myself to see it at 12am July 15th. The BF will be at his internship then, so he won’t be able to make it, but finding a seat for just me will be much easier anyways. I seriously cannot wait. 

I’m thinking of opening up a shop to sell some of my clothes… what do you guys think?