It’s been a while since I’ve posted last. I’m sorry about that! Life has been hectic. Anyways, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Over the summer my BF bought me this shirt as a gift. He brought it home with him after work from J. Crew. After his discount and sales it was $5.00. I absolutely love the color. It’s such a great addition of neon. I’m a huge fan of neon green so the BF did well. 


LF vest, J. Crew denim shirt, J. Crew t-shirt, Topshop skirt, Nine West booties 


Honestly, who am I kidding here, my faces just keep getting better and better. 

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Here is an outfit I had stored on my desktop. Love this Topshop top. I bought it years ago right after Topshop began shipping to the United States. It’s the epitome of perfection; stripes, navajo print, neon colors and (although you can’t see it here) it has cut out shoulders. I mean, what could be better? 


Theory sweater, Topshop shirt, Topshop scarf, American Apparel leggings, Sam Edelman boots 


My mom bought me this cookbook for Christmas years ago. It’s like the Bible of cookbooks. It literally has recipes for anything you could imagine. If you’re into cooking, or looking to learn, you should definitely invest in this baby. 


This blog is as much about my personal style as it is about my love of Crumbs cupcakes. Here is an apple cobbler cupcake, scrumptious. 

I always thought the worst thing to happen to me would be to live near a Zara because I’d quickly go bankrupt. It turns out the worst thing to happen to me is living near a Crumbs bakeshop (actually a block away, uy).


If you live in New York, or anywhere where Crumbs are available, do yourself a favor and get a cupcake, you deserve it! 

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Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.