I’m beginning to love Kohls. Their designer collaborations really produce some great stuff. This shirt my friend found, it’s Vera Wang for Kohls. I was instantly drawn to the pleather, as the leather sleeve has become a huge trend as of late. I also absolutely love anything leather. As you can imagine this 20 something dollar shirt is not made with real leather but still it’s the thought that counts. Who doesn’t love a little pleather every now and then? Come on you’d be lying if you say you didn’t.


Fallon necklace, Vera Wang for Kohls shirt, J. Crew pants, J. Crew socks, Jeffery Campbell shoes 


Fallon necklace

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The Fallon necklace I bought on Gilt last year. I love their jewelry and cannot afford it when it’s full price so I jumped for joy when I saw their stuff on Gilt. I remember the BF and I were going to see a movie and I told him if the necklace was still available when we got back that it was fate. It was still there when we returned so I bought it. The crazy things I come up with to soothe my shopping addiction. I’m quite happy with it though, the multi-colored chains, specifically the neon blue, are gorgeous. I also love that it’s a choker. Perfecto! 

Remember when I wore these pants here. These are the same ones! DUN DUN DUN… thats right I own the same pants in two different colors. The red pair I received from my cousin Sara for my birthday, they were sold out everywhere but she managed to find them for me! Of course now they’re in abundance (that is life).These black ones that I’m wearing I bought for myself on sale. I must say these pants are incredibly comfortable and I absolutely love love love the length of them. J. Crew can really do no wrong for me (as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now).

Ok so this pizza looks gross in this picture, I know, BUT it was actually delicious in person. It’s a baked vegetable pizza with ricotta and mozzarella cheese, delicious. My dinners this past week have definitely been on point. I must say I’m enjoying them a lot. Nothing like some good home cookin’

There have been requests for the recipes of the food I’m posting. I will be posting those over the weekend in the recipe section of the blog (separate page at the top). 

I’m ‘xhausted (as I would say when I was little)

Until tomorrow my darlings