Playground Special


The BF suggested the title of this post… I just had to go with it. I’m sort of a maxi skirt junky… I love them so much. This was the first one I bought. The color is spot on as are the stripes. It has this sort of mermaid-esque feel the way it fits. I’m like a grey Ariel. 


Karen Walker sunglasses, Mango bag, Helmut Lang top, J. Crew vest, Hollister & Co belt, Topshop skirt, Steven shoes

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Highlights of my day include: 

1) Having enough cash to get my daily roll with butter and iced coffee for breakfast (yum) 

2) Yo-yoing with co-workers (you read correctly, we play with yo-yos at work… it’s awesome) 

3) Actually ordering the better meal for dinner than the BF’s meal (he usually picks much better things but tonight I did, wohoo)

4) Watching Real Housewives of New Jersey on DVR and crying, actually crying (the scene where Albert proposes to Caroline again, ugh, they got me, I couldn’t stop the tears)